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4 Colleges That Get an “A” in Campus Security

Stanford Unviersity

Choosing a college can almost be as difficult as passing finals each semester. There are so many things to consider, including location, cost, reputation and rankings. Sometimes the safety record of a prospective school can get lost in the shuffle, even though it’s nearly impossible to get a quality education in a dangerous environment.

Most colleges and universities have stepped up their safety measures in recent years as a response to increased crime and violence on campuses across the nation. To help keep safety center stage, we’ve highlighted four colleges where `wp_posts`.siteID = 24580 AND you’ll be able to rest easy and focus on studies because the school is making every effort to ensure you receive your education and stay safe at the same time.

1. Sheridan College

Forget the Wild West, this Wyoming college, located at the base of the Bighorn Mountains, knows how to maintain law and order. Sheridan College has reported a clean bill of health when it comes to crimes on campus for 2010, 2011 and 2012. The college’s annual crime report shows no murders, sex offenses, robberies, assaults or motor vehicle thefts for each of those three years.

While it may help that Sheridan College is located in a safe town, there’s no doubt that the Campus Police make a difference. Campus Police work with local law enforcement and other college departments to educate the student population about crime prevention, personal safety, self-defense and emergency response. By providing a combination of security services and proactive community education, Sheridan College has been able to maintain its stellar record for campus safety.
Sheridan College

2. Lakeland College

A picturesque campus steeped in history and located just 10 miles from the shores of Lake Michigan near Sheboygan, WI, is just one reason Lakeland College students and alumni take pride in their alma mater. In addition to a student/teacher ratio of 16:1, Lakeland also provides for the safety and well-being of its students via a robust Safety and Security Department.

Lakeland’s student security officers provide weapons storage, a safe ride/walk program, engraving for personal items, and will even give you a jump if your car battery dies. Their efforts have been fruitful, with no reported sex offenses, assaults, murders, rapes or hate crimes on the college’s most recent crime report. It probably helps that crime prevention and personal safety are emphasized from day one, with all students receiving vital campus security information during new student orientation and periodically throughout the academic year.
Lakeland College

3. Stanford University

Nestled in the San Francisco Bay area, Stanford University is not only one of the world’s leading research universities, but it’s also one of the safest campuses on which to expand your knowledge. And with 97% of its nearly 7,000 undergraduates living on campus, it’s easy to see why Stanford takes student safety and security seriously. The University has a fully staffed Department of Public Safety that provides law enforcement, crime prevention, security and emergency response services through both sworn officers and non-sworn personnel.

Community outreach and education is an important component of Stanford’s overall plan to maintain a safe and secure campus. Some of the programs offered through Community Outreach & Education include Dialogue with a Deputy, where students, staff or faculty can have an informal chat about any safety concern with one of the Stanford Deputies, and customized security and crime prevention presentations that can be requested as needed by students, residence halls or college departments.
Stanford University

4. Gonzaga University

This Jesuit university that began as a boys-only school focused on preparing its pupils to become priests, has become a well-respected private, liberal arts college ranked as the fourth best Regional University in the West by “U.S. News & World Report.” Boasting alumni such as Bing Crosby and NBA all-time assists record-holder John Stockton, this Spokane, WA college is committed to keeping its potentially-famous students, staff and faculty safe and sound.

The Campus Public Safety and Security department provides a wide range of services from regular campus patrols and security escorts to a security blog that keeps the Gonzaga community aware of relevant safety information and notices of any current crime activity on campus.
Gonzaga University
What measures would make you feel safe on campus?

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