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6 Brilliant Smart Home Automation Devices We Can’t Wait For

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Once a picture of the future, smart homes are a reality, and people invent innovative home automation technologies every day to make those smart homes better. Some of these technologies you may not have dreamed of yet, but once you read about them, you’ll be wishing you had them.

Here is a list of six brilliant smart home automation devices we can’t wait to have as part of our daily lives.

1. Refrigerator-Meets-Shopping-Buddy

Want to avoid the drudgery of looking through the fridge trying to remember everything you need from the grocery store? Meet the refrigerator of the future, a veritable shopping buddy that scans your refrigerator, figures out what’s missing, and creates a shopping list that transmits directly to your smartphone.

And if you’re at the store and can’t remember if you have the kind of juice your guests like, just ask your fridge to run a scan and tell you. You’ll always know when you’re running out of essentials and your fridge can even find the one-off items you treat yourself with when you forget.

Don’t think this technology is too far off in the future. Samsung CEO and President Boo-Keun Yoon included a picture of a similar smart fridge during his keynote speech at IFA 2014.

2. Movable Walls

With smart, movable walls, you can use your smartphone to design your ideal room, complete with how you want the walls set up. You can accommodate new furniture or change the design to freshen up your living spaces. For parties and other events, you can move your walls out to the sides to make room for your guests.

3. Self-cleaning, Absorbent Floors

Can you imagine how nice it would be to never have to sweep, mop, vacuum, or steam-clean the floors again? That could be possible with self-cleaning, absorbent floors. With the push of a button, your living room carpet becomes a vacuum of its own and pulls in all of the particles left behind. Your kitchen tiles have water jets affixed to the baseboards that spray and blow dry your floors to a perfect shine. And strong gusts from spouts in the walls blow the dust, hair, and other particles across your hardwood floors into a self-dumping receptacle on the opposite wall. With these, you’d be able to focus on the fun aspects of having guests over instead of worrying about getting rid of dust bunnies.

4. Smart Bathroom Health Sensors

Experts discuss telehealth smart devices in length nowadays, including Frost & Sullivan Energy & Environment Vice President and Partner Roberta Gamble, during her presentation at Z-Wave Alliance Fall Summit.

With telehealth technology in a smart home, your bathroom can become more than just a place to do your hair. With smart, responsive sensors, you can learn more about your health just by using the bathroom or brushing your teeth. You can then transmit that information to your doctor. When you brush your teeth, your smart toothbrush analyzes your saliva, and when you use the bathroom, your toilet analyzes your urine. Both process your fluids to produce a cohesive report about your current health displayed on your smart mirror.

The report can even offer suggestions as to what types of food you should eat, how much exercise or sleep you need, and other tips to keep you healthy. This report also ensures you are on point with any recommended treatments from your doctor, who also gets a copy of the report.

5. Automatic Sunroofs

Even when it’s a beautiful, temperate day, you may not remember to put the top down in your car, though it’s one of your favorite ways to travel. An automatic sunroof allows you to program the times of day and temperature you want your sunroof to open for. The smart sunroof would also have sensors for the weather so it never opens up when it’s raining outside.

6. Smart Garden

If you want the beautiful flowers and fresh herbs that come with a garden, but just don’t have a green thumb, this may be the answer. A smart garden would connect to your smartphone and alert you when your plants need water, nutrients, or sunlight. But even better, a smarter garden could take care of some of these tasks itself. By keeping plant nutrient and water basins filled, your smart garden could extract the nutrition your plants need and deliver it without you ever having to walk outside.

Smart homes of the future can have these technologies and more. Using home automation can make people’s lives easier and help them feel more in control of their time and energy management. It may seem hard to wait for this home automated future to arrive, but some of these are coming sooner than you may think and we can’t wait!

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