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Home Alert Product Review

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You don’t need a guardian angel to stay safe. With Home Alert, you’ll have a system that’s always on the lookout for your well being. Home Alert comes with unique smoke, carbon monoxide, water, and freeze sensors to alert you of any problems in your home. If you’re deciding between fire and carbon monoxide detectors or home automation products, find out what Home Alert can offer you.

Home Alert System

Home Alert is a home automation product designed to protect your home against the elements. When you buy the Home Alert system, you’ll receive one water/freezer sensor, one smoke/CO audio sensor, one Gateway device, mounting brackets, cords, and other accessories. The equipment in the Home Alert package upgrades your home’s safety equipment to home automation technology. Plus, you can add up to six additional sensors depending on the size of your home.


  • Smart Technology. Home Alert’s app lets you monitor your home from afar. Get text/email alerts if the system detects smoke, CO, freezing pipes, or water leakage.
  • Add people you trust to the list, so Home Alert can contact them during an emergency if you’re MIA. You can also opt to have Home Alert notify the police or fire department.
  • This device connects wirelessly and acts as the command center for your Home Alert sensors and app. It’s one wireless tool that makes all of Home Alert’s home automation possible. You’ll only need an outlet and WiFi signal to make it work.
  • The app works with Android and iOS devices.
  • You won’t need to hardwire this system. It connects through your home’s WiFi.
  • Multi-Functioning. Home Alert measures for smoke, CO, water, and freezing pipes. Many similar systems only include smoke and CO detection.


  • This system costs $99 and requires a $9.95 monthly service fee for 24/7 monitoring. You’ll need to buy additional smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that measure gas and smoke. Plus, you’ll need more than the two included sensors to attain proper monitoring capabilities.
  • Not “Real” Alarms. The smoke and carbon monoxide sensors listen to beeps from actual CO and smoke detectors. They don’t sense smoke or gas on their own, so you’ll need to buy additional alarms meant for direct detection.
  • Only Six Extra Devices. If your home is large, Home Alert’s system may not provide enough sensors for optimal safety.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Audio Sensor

Home Alert’s dual smoke and carbon monoxide audio sensor is pretty unique. The sensors don’t directly detect smoke and gas, but listen for beeps from your home’s CO and smoke detectors. If an alarm sounds, Home Alert’s CO/smoke audio sensor will pick up on it and alert you through the app. This device is built to hear the exact frequencies smoke and CO alarms emit, so you shouldn’t have any false alarms from regular household noise.


  • Upgrade your home safety equipment to include home automation with Home Alert. If you have basic CO and smoke detectors, this is a simple way to advance your technology.
  • Included With Home Alert System. You’ll receive one CO/smoke audio sensor when you buy the Home Alert system.
  • Five Year Battery. You won’t need to replace this battery for five years.
  • No Wires. This operates wirelessly and without electrical hook-up.


  • Not Real Alarms. These sensors listen for beeps from your household smoke and CO alarms. They don’t measure gas or smoke on their own, so you’ll need to buy actual smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Only One Included. Home Alert’s CO/smoke audio sensors cost $44 each. It’s recommended that you install one sensor within six inches of carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. If you have multiple detectors in your home (which you should), buying enough of these CO/smoke audio sensors can become expensive.

Water/Freeze Sensor

Other companies may offer smoke and carbon monoxide detection, but Home Alert is unique in that it includes a water and frozen pipe sensor. If your home’s temperatures dip below 41 degrees, it will alert you so you can act before your pipes freeze. If the device senses water, you will get a notification as well. You can place these water/freeze sensors under water heaters, dishwashers, refrigerators, washers, toilets, and other places where water can leak. A device like this can save you from a lot of expensive water damage.


  • Most companies don’t offer these devices—especially with home automation technology.
  • Aside from a mounting bracket, this sensor won’t require any wiring.
  • Five Year Battery. The built-in battery lasts up to five years, so maintenance checks are few and far between.


  • Only One Included. These cost $29 each and your Home Alert system only provides one.

24/7 Monitoring Service Plan

When you buy a Home Alert system, you’ll have to purchase the $9.95 monthly monitoring plan. While it’s an added cost, it will provide you with round-the-clock monitoring by professionals. If you’re not by your phone or home during a water, fire, carbon monoxide, or below freezing incident, the monitoring station will reach out to your contact list or emergency professionals—keeping your home and its contents safe


  • Professional Monitoring. Someone is always looking out for you and can alert contacts or 911.
  • You can discontinue service at any time without a fee. This is a month-to-month service.
  • Use the app to set up contacts who professional monitors will communicate with if you can’t be reached during an emergency. Adding 911 is also an option.


  • Not Optional. You have to purchase this service if you buy Home Alert devices.
  • Pay In Advance. Your credit card will be charged a month ahead, so you pay for service before you get it. If you want to cancel, you’ll have to take this into account.

Companies like Home Alert are taking home safety products to the next level. They not only keep you safe, but allow you to keep tabs on your home when you’re away. If you’re interested in buying Home Alert products and services, you can do so here. In the age of technology, it makes sense to arm yourself with the best safety products out there. In this case, home automation is king.

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