10 Amazing Moments Caught on Surveillance Cameras

Written by | Updated August 27, 2013

There’s nothing quite like catching those crazy, action-packed or even tender moments on camera without meaning to. After a West Virginia minister said he caught an Angel of God on his home security camera earlier this month, we decided to look at the best moments ever caught on surveillance cameras.

1. A surveillance camera in Vam, Turkey catches an earthquake on camera in October 2011. The camera begins shaking, followed by a large cloud of smoke from buildings falling. There was a blackout in the city and about 600 lives were lost.

2. Hurricane Irene tears a boat from its moorings and carries it in the wind. This video shows just how powerful the hurricane was as it hit North Carolina in August 2011.

3. A woman falls into a mall fountain while texting and walking. Texting and walking has become so dangerous that it is a crime in some places. A mall security camera caught this woman in action as she falls right into the fountain.

4. A surveillance camera on train tracks in Spain capture a horrific train wreck, where a train came around the corner at a rapid speed. The crash left 80 passengers dead.

5. A security camera catches a pizza man definitely breaking the rules. Watch as this pizza delivery guy drops the pizza onto the ground, scrambles to pick it up, and proceeds to serve it to a customer. Somebody probably doesn’t have a job after this video leak.

6. Most car garage security cameras probably catch people on camera kissing all the time, but this one is a little different. Watch what happens next…

7. Businesses use surveillance systems to catch robbers, but not many robbers are as polite as this one. Check out this video of a very well-mannered man robbing a convenience store. The exchange between the two ends with the store clerk saying, “God be with you,” and the robber responding, “Thank you very much, you too.”

8. This camera at a train station almost caught a drunk woman’s death on camera. Luckily, others at the train station flagged the train down and it stops just in time.

9. Everyone loves jamming out to music in the car, but what happens when the car can’t take it anymore? This car garage camera caught this man on tape rocking out a little bit too much.

10. We’re sure mall security cameras see some pretty great things, but a drunk driver speeding through the mall in the middle of the night?

Security cameras can pick up on some helpful information, but it’s a bonus when they catch moments like these. Which one is your favorite?

Written by Elli Bishop

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