10 Awkward Situations Your Security System Can Help You Avoid

Written by | Updated December 10, 2013

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a magical way to escape life’s awkward situations? Unfortunately we don’t live in the same world as Harry Potter, but with the right security system it can almost seem like we do. Here are the top 10 awkward situations a security system could save you from.

1. Your Clingy Ex

If you have an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend who keeps “forgetting” things they left at your house as an excuse to show up on your doorstep and remind you of how much you’re not missing, wouldn’t it be great if you could see them coming up the drive? With outside cameras you can get fair warning of their imminent arrival and either turn off all the lights and hunker down or quietly slip out the back door.

your security system will save you from a crazy ex

2. Your Dad’s Clingy Ex

Almost worse than being haunted by your own exes, is when you have a clinger from one of your parents. If your dad has an ex-girlfriend who mistakenly thinks you two are going to remain BFFs, then it might be time to deploy some covert tactics (cameras, automatic door locks, etc.) to make sure you just keep missing her. Hopefully, after a few unsuccessful visits, she’ll give up.

your security system will save you from your dad's crazy ex

3. The Neighborhood Garden Club

I don’t want to sound like the neighborhood curmudgeon, but we don’t live in a world where the only people you ever encounter live across the street. Sometimes your friend dance card is already full and you just don’t have room for anyone or anything else. If you want to escape the clutches of the neighborhood gossips watch who’s approaching your front door via live streaming on your laptop or mobile device and hide out in a relaxing bath instead of having to make up excuses to get out of an hour-long chat.

your security system will save you from nosy neighbors

4. Girl Scouts and Their Cookies

Of course they’re delicious, but they’re also fattening – and it’s so hard to say no to an upturned young face full of hope and pleading. There’s no shame in monitoring door-to-door salesmen (even if they are little girls) and saving yourself from having to dash their sales goal hopes and dreams.

your security system will save you from girl scout cookies

5. Walking in on your Daughter’s First Kiss

Nervous parents may anxiously wait up for their daughters to return from her first date. Nothing is worse than getting so impatient that you open the front door to look down the street only to come face-to-face with your baby’s first lip-lock. Instead, monitor the porch from the coziness of your bed and you’ll know when to politely look away.

your security system will save you from walking in on your daughter's first kiss

6. Missionaries

It’s wonderful that people find solace and purpose in their religion of choice. But it’s less wonderful when they turn up at your door looking to change your life and save your soul. And some of these well-meaning zealots are really hard to discourage. A security system could help you elude these proselytes, but you might be risking a little hellfire and damnation.

your security system can save you from missionaries

7. You’ve Been Served

For people dodging their soon-to-be ex-spouse, or who just forget to pay their parking tickets, you can avoid the pesky bother of being served with a warrant or subpoena, thanks to the wonders of modern surveillance. We’re not saying security systems should be used to circumvent the law, but you could buy yourself a little extra time before paying the piper.

awkward situations your security system will save you from

8. The Little Boy Who Hates His Mom’s Cooking

It’s flattering that little Joey loves your cooking and can’t seem to get enough, especially when your own family doesn’t always seem grateful for your efforts. But sometimes you just wish he’d stay home and suffer through his own mother’s well-meaning culinary fiascos. With the right monitoring and security measures you can thwart a covert neighbor boy attack and enjoy a peaceful meal with just your family for a change.

your security system will save you from the neighbor

9. The One-Date-Wonder Who Just Can’t Take a Hint

What lack of judgment led to you let that blind date knowing where you live? Hopefully you’ve learned your lesson, but until then you can utilize your security system to see who it is that keeps leaving carnations and notes on your windshield or doorstep while you’re at work. And you’ll also have the heads-up you need to make sure you don’t accidentally answer the door to his sad, hopeful face.

your security system will save you from stalking

10. In-Laws Who Show Up Early for Dinner

Nothing’s more discouraging than your mother-in-law criticizing the way you keep house or your talents in the kitchen, but it’s even worse when she arrives early and you’re still running around with flour on your cheek and a pile of dishes in the sink. With external monitoring you can get early warning of her arrival and quickly put yourself together, hide the dishes and greet her looking fabulous instead of frazzled.

your security system will save you from awkward situations

Whether you want to avoid life’s little awkward situations or simply want to keep your home and family safe, do the research and find out what security system is right for you. Check out your options with the SafeWise security system finder, start breathing easier and successfully dodge your ex today.

Written by Rebecca Edwards

Rebecca has honed her safety and security skills as both a single mom and a college director. Being responsible for the well-being of others helped her learn how to minimize risk and create safe environments. Learn more

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