12 Clever Tips for Hiding Christmas Gifts From Your Family

Written by | Updated December 19, 2014

You’ve spent weeks shopping for the perfect gifts for every member of your family, but now you’re wondering where to hide them until they’re wrapped and tucked under the tree. Whether you need to keep a scooter out of sight from your tween or conceal a watch from your wife, we’ve tracked down 12 clever tips for hiding gifts from your loved ones until Christmas.

1. Store large gifts in the shed.

Move the lawnmower and put away the pruners. A shed is the perfect place to hide large gifts from your sneaky spouse or kids. For extra security, put a new lock on the shed door and store the key somewhere most people won’t look. Keep in mind that sheds aren’t usually climate controlled, so any gifts stored there must be able to tolerate winter temperatures.

2. Hide packages in the cleaning supply closet.

Chances are your kids don’t go into the cleaning supply closet unless you tell them to, so it’s a great place to tuck away holiday treasures. In fact, a cleaning bucket placed on a high shelf can conceal an entire Christmas stocking worth of trinkets.

3. Hide presents in the kitchen.

In addition to helping you cook up the ultimate holiday feast, kitchen pots make a great place to store small gifts. And even Santa wouldn’t think of looking in that hard to reach cupboard over the refrigerator or inside a pasta box.

4. Fool your family with an empty shoe box.

A shoe box sitting on a closet shelf isn’t apt to draw suspicion. Remove those pumps and replace them with your spouse’s present.

5. Tuck treasures in a storage container.

Label a large plastic storage container “Old Magazines” and then pack it full of gifts. Unless you have a bookworm in the family, your presents will remain a mystery.

6. Leave gifts at friend or neighbor’s house.

Storing your family’s gifts at a friend or neighbor’s house is one surefire way to keep them hidden until the big day. If you buy gifts online, have them mailed to a friend or neighbor’s house instead of yours. You might even consider paying a little extra for gift-wrapping so the present is a secret the moment it arrives.

7. Catch peekers red-handed with your home security cameras.

If your monitored home security system includes surveillance cameras and remote video access, you’re in luck. Use your smartphone, tablet or desktop to watch real-time video of what those sneaky kids are up to when you’re not home.

8. Stuff tiny gifts in socks.

Who would think of rummaging through your sock drawer looking for a gift? Place small gifts in a rolled up pair of socks and they’re sure to be safe.

9. Keep kids’ gifts in “creepy places.”

If your kids are like most, they’re sure to avoid looking in “creepy places” for their gifts. Try hiding presents under the basement steps, in a crawl space, or the attic.

10. Add a sensor as a deterrent.

Add a home security door sensor to the closet containing your family gifts and they’ll think twice before opening it. Then, sign up to receive a text message alert from your monitored home security company if the door is opened.

10. Stow presents in a suitcase.

A large (locked) suitcase is a smart place to stow your family’s gifts until they’re wrapped and placed under the tree.

11. Purchase gifts with a prepaid card.

Online banking is convenient, but it also makes it a cinch for your spouse to find out what you’ve bought him or her for Christmas. Use a prepaid card to purchase your holiday gifts and your spouse won’t have a clue what you’ve shopped for.

12. Use social media to keep last minute gift ideas a secret.

Prying eyes are sure to spot a written list of last minute gifts. Instead of pen and paper use a social media site like Pinterest to organize gift ideas. Don’t forget to set your security settings to private. Or, keep gift ideas under wraps by creating a password protected list on your phone.

Don’t let your family’s sneakiness dampen your holiday spirit; use these clever tips to keep their gifts a surprise until Christmas morning.

Written by Alexia Chianis

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