3 Handy IFTTT Recipes for Home Security

Written by | Updated January 5, 2017

If This, Then That (IFTTT) is an online technology service where users create hacks to streamline different ways of using technology to make it either more useful or more fun. For example, with IFTTT recipes, you can link various aspects of your home electronics’ functionality to your mobile device. The same goes for your home alarm system, and these three handy IFTTT recipes make handling your security system easier and, sometimes, even more fun.

1. Be Buddies With Your Webcam

IFTTT for home security

When you want to say hi to a friend or check in with a family member, you probably opt to text them instead of email them, as a text feels more personal than an email. Why not make this true for your webcam too? Have it send you a personalized text instead of an email when it senses motion. After all, you’re using it to keep an eye on your home and what’s more personal than that?

With this recipe, set a keyword (like “motion”) in Gmail, you can trigger these email alerts to reroute to an SMS message that goes directly to your phone. This especially helps when you don’t have access to the Internet to get emails, but still want to receive alerts about your alarm system.

2. Stop Butt Dialing Your Home Security System Alerts

IFTTT for home security

If you linked your home security alerts to send you texts, emails, or phone calls and regularly forget to turn them off when you get home, you may be essentially butt-dialing yourself every time you set off your own motion detector. It’s easy to forget to turn off your home security webcam when you get home from work, as you have so many other things on your mind, but it could leave you with dozens of unnecessary and aggravating security alerts.

This IFTTT recipe enables you to turn off your webcam when your smartphone connects to your home’s Wi-Fi connection, which it determines by your smartphone GPS. This way, as you arrive in the area of your Wi-Fi connection, your webcam turns off automatically without you having to remember to turn it off yourself. This recipe allows your webcam and home security system to run more effectively and efficiently, when you need it.

3. “Home Alone” Rigged Security System

IFTTT recipes for home security

“Home Alone” is a classic Christmas movie that makes you rethink your interpretation of home security, particularly from the eyes of an eight-year-old. The “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” tune is used in conjunction with Kevin McCallister’s DIY home security setup. With this recipe, when someone walks up to your front door, you can kick that song on for an entertaining or deterring distraction.

Also from the movie, Kevin uses a clip from the movie “Angels with Filthy Souls,” which he blares from the TV when the intruders return to break into his home. Use this recipe to prompt this clip to play when your security system detects motion.

If you’re looking for new ways to simplify the interactions you have with your security system’s technology, these three IFTTT recipes can help. Try them out, and enjoy the ease with which you can use and keep in touch with your home alarm system.

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