3 Security Features We’re Thankful for This Year

Written by | Updated November 20, 2015

Safety is at the top of the “things to be thankful for” list for many Americans this November. Security advancements have come so far in the last decade that sophisticated safety measures are available for any homeowner or renter. Today, strengthening your home security goes far beyond punching a code on a wall unit when you leave the house.

Here at SafeWise, we’ve put together a list of three security features we’re especially thankful for in 2015.

1. Home Security Cameras

Decent home security cameras used to be a luxury reserved for only a few. Not anymore. Thanks to their low cost and relative ease of installment, security cameras are now available to anyone. Today’s security cameras are user friendly — and, thanks to remote monitoring, you can check them right from your smartphone, providing additional peace of mind.

With the increasing popularity of home and business security cameras, they serve as an extra set of eyes helping to solve more crimes. Cameras have helped catch criminals and identify violent assailants. Police in Washington, D.C., say security cameras are the first thing they look for when investigating a crime scene.


2. Keyless Door Locks

Most home invaders get in through the front door. One in eight home burglars picked locks or used keys they previously acquired, according to research conducted at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Keyless door locks have made the old “hide the key under the mat” trick antiquated and unnecessary. Today’s tech-savvy doors are enabled with a smart lock that you can monitor remotely.

Though exterior doors can be vulnerable to lock picking or lock bumping, keyless door locks are safe from such lock manipulation. Some keyless locks even scan your fingerprint for an extra level of security. You can give temporary codes to anyone who needs access to your home, like a house cleaner or neighbor picking up the mail. It’s a digital guard from criminals — and a keyless lifestyle upgrade for you.

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3. Neighborhood Watch groups

No one knows the neighborhood better than the locals living in it. With its roots in colonial days, when watchmen would take turns patrolling the streets, Neighborhood Watch groups are one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce crime. Sponsored by the National Sheriffs’ Association, community-organized groups utilize the aid of their local police department to prevent crime and report suspicious activity to the professionals.

Such groups are not armed vigilantes but rather a concerned community astute about activity in their neighborhood. A Neighborhood Watch group in St. Louis not only stopped a burglary while it was happening, but the mayor credited the local program with leading to half a dozen arrests.

protect your neighborhood by forming a neighborhood watch

Let’s be thankful for the many home security improvements that protected our homes and families this year and will continue to do so in the new year. Keep your family safe this holiday season with a trusted partner in your security system.


Written by Hillary Johnston

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