4 Colleges That Put Campus Security First

Written by | Updated November 20, 2013

Millions of college students are putting their nose to the grindstone every day to make a better future for themselves and their families. With worries like finals, research papers and picking the right major, students don’t always have safety on their minds. Thankfully the nation’s schools are stepping up and making sure that even if security isn’t at the top of their undergraduates’ priority lists, it is at the top of the university’s list. Here are four colleges that are looking out for their students’ safety every day – even if said students have their noses too deep in a book to notice.

1.  Wellesley College

Safety is a top priority for this esteemed New England private women’s college and they do a fine job of ensuring the security of their approximately 2,400 undergraduate students. With a college Police Department on campus, Wellesley has virtually eliminated violent crime, with no reported assaults in the past three years.

The college police have implemented several strategies to enhance the personal safety of students, reduce crime and empower students to be proactive with crime prevention. Some of these include a community policing program that assigns an office to each residence hall, crime prevention newsletters and promotions, emergency blue light phones and a campus escort program that makes sure students can make it safely from point A to point B after the sun goes down.

Colleges putting campus safety first

2.  Pacific Union College

Nestled in the hills above the Napa Valley, it’s easy to feel like the bad things of the world don’t exist at Pacific Union College. But this liberal arts college knows that looks can be deceiving, and that’s why they have a fully-fledged Public Safety Department. And the department offers a lot more than security patrols. If Pacific Union students lock their keys in the car or their car gets a dead battery after leaving the lights on all night, the school will help students out. The campus also offers self-defense courses, emergency medical dispatch and utilizes a law enforcement liaison to partner with local law enforcement agencies and augment campus safety.

Colleges putting campus safety first

3.  Michigan Technological University

This top-performing technological research university offers a range of crime prevention programs through its Public Safety and Police Services. In order to ensure the safety of students, Michigan Tech provides police patrols for academic, residential, athletic and parking facilities, making sure to thoroughly check each building both inside and out. The university is also proactive by providing easy access to sex offender information, weapons storage for students and visitors and a bike registration initiative that helps return lost or stolen bicycles to their proper owner. Safe-Walk is a program that provides a Police Services escort to and from any campus location for no charge. When it comes to keeping their students safe, Michigan Tech clearly pulls out all the stops.

Colleges putting campus safety first

4.  Neumann University

Founded by the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia, Neumann University is rooted in the values of respect and social responsibility. It’s no wonder, then, that Neumann boasts a robust Department of Campus Safety. The department addresses all aspects of student safety, from crime prevention to emergency preparedness. In order to discourage theft, the University instituted Operation ID, a program that supplies engravers for students to engrave identification onto their personal belongings. Not only does this make those with sticky fingers think twice, but it also increases the odds of recovering stolen items. Neumann also partners with the surrounding community and private security companies to add an extra level of safety to their campus.

Colleges putting campus safety first

Which safety programs do you think make the biggest difference on a college campus?

Written by Rebecca Edwards

Rebecca has honed her safety and security skills as both a single mom and a college director. Being responsible for the well-being of others helped her learn how to minimize risk and create safe environments. Learn more

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