4 Discreet and Cool Self-Protection Gadgets

Written by | Updated July 18, 2013

Self-protection and staying safe is important for everyone. But you don’t need a big weapon to harm an assailant. Even the smallest object can be a huge factor when it comes to your safety. Here are four discreet and creative gadgets you can use to protect yourself.

1. TASER StrikeLight: If you’re out at night and want to feel secure, the TASER StrikeLight is a great way to stay safe if you encounter a predator. The high-intensity flashlight is lightweight and comes with integrated stun technology, as well as a rechargeable lithium battery, so you’ll help the environment at the same time.

2. SABRE Mace: You probably never thought you could protect yourself with a lipstick tube or a pen, but it is possible thanks to SABRE mace products. The SABRE pepper spray comes in a feminine pink lipstick tube casing. If the lipstick case isn’t right for you, you can also choose from the SABRE Red spray in the pen casing.
Both sprays have a shooting range between eight to ten feet. The powerful spray also has double the shelf life and carries up to five times more spray per canister than other sprays. It has also been praised by the NYPD, the LA County Sheriffs, Hong Kong and Ireland National Police.

3. STORM Whistles: All-Weather Whistles are not only compact, but can produce sound people can hear from miles away. The whistles come in two styles: the Storm and the Windstorm. The Storm whistle has been designed to create the most powerful sound waves possible, making it the loudest whistle in the world. It can be heard through glass, walls and water. The whistle can also be heard over half a mile over water and a quarter of a mile through trees.
The Windstorm is an even more compact whistle. It is small enough to fit inside a purse or on a life preserver, but is loud enough to be the second loudest whistle in the world. With either one of these whistles, you’ll have the security of knowing that you’ll always be heard if you’re in danger.


4. Jewelry: You can protect yourself and look stylish at the same time with the cleverly named Killer Ring. The ring, designed by Tobias Wong and Philipp Mohr, looks like an unassuming diamond ring. However, the ring’s extremely sharp diamond point can cause serious damage if you’re punching your assailant. According to BoingBoing, the ring will cut skin down to the bone, so you’ll be able to stun anyone attacking you and give yourself enough time to get away.

Which gadget would you use for self-protection?

Written by Elli Bishop

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