4 Efficient and Affordable Remote-Controlled Thermostat Companies

Written by | Updated July 25, 2013

Most people are familiar with extreme temperatures, whether it’s frigid winter cold or extreme summer heat. And everyone knows what it’s like to leave the home with either the heater or ac running, but wishing the other was on full blast upon returning home.

One of the most valuable tools for homeowners looking to manage their internal home temperature is remote thermostat control.

Modern Technology Meets Home Comfort

The same personal technology you use to make phone calls, check your email and catch up on daily news can also be used to control the interior temperature of your home.

Smart Thermostats are rapidly becoming the main talking point of thermostat and home energy management companies across the nation. Remote thermostat control provides for a number of advantages, including the ability to monitor and control energy usage levels in your home while at work or on vacation, as well as access to instant information feedback from home-environment technology. You can even enjoy complete home automation, creating an energy-saving schedule for your home during periods of extreme weather conditions.

Pioneering Service Providers

A number of forward-thinking companies are leading the way when it comes to providing efficient and affordable remote thermostat control capabilities to their customers. If you’re interested in updating your home system, you have several choices when it comes to selecting a service provider.


Vivint, based in Provo, Utah, offers a number of home automation packages designed to provide complete energy efficiency as well as home security. Vivint’s remote energy control systems offer many innovative energy solutions, including remote-controlled thermostat adjustment, a smartphone app for home monitoring, Vivint Live wireless communication system, and increased energy efficiency.


Control4, a full home-automation system provider, produces wireless and at-home control interfaces for security, thermostat, entertainment and information feedback. With an innovative smartphone app, users can control a number of home technology devices, including home thermostats, alarm units and speaker systems. Control4’s remote thermostat system offers users a number of powerful tools, such as on-the-go adjustment of internal home temperature, real-time information feedback from embedded home sensors, and smart automation technology that can establish temperature patterns based on user history.


Nest, a cutting-edge home-technology design company located in Palo Alto, California, have developed a thermostat control system that “learns” optimal temperature control behaviors from its users. The “Learning Thermostat,” as it is called, uses the customer’s work and home schedule as the foundation for an energy-efficient, powerful climate control system. Nest’s home system features a simple, easy-to-understand installation process, an intuitive, intelligent interface that learns and adapts itself to your temperature control history, and completely wireless systems.



Honeywell’s remote thermostat control services are full-service, powerful systems for users interested in a complete domestic control interface. Using Honeywell’s RedLink Comfort System technology, users can access their primary home environment control technology using their internet-ready smartphone or tablet. Honeywell’s RedLink Comfort System provides an outstanding degree of customization, allowing users to divide their home into temperature zones, adjusting each zone individually, monitor and adjust heating, cooling and humidity levels, and view home environment information in real-time using the included RedLink smartphone app.

Opportunities For The DIY Crowd

For those interested in exploring their options further, major home improvement vendors such as Home Depot and Lowe’s offer a range of remote thermostat control devices. Additionally, software app developers around the country have created a number of programs capable of communicating with Wi-Fi compatible thermostats, providing you with a variety of choices and opportunities.

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