3 Ivy League Schools That Value Student Safety

Written by | Updated January 22, 2014

Known for outstanding performance in academics, research and athletics, the eight member schools of the Ivy League are some of the most sought-after acceptance letters from universities in the world.

Among the many advantages of going to an Ivy League School is the fact that they also perform well when it comes to keeping students safe so they can focus on their studies. Here are four upper-crust schools that get high marks for campus security.

1. Cornell University

Touted as the most educationally diverse member of the Ivy League, Cornell University’s campus in Ithaca, NY is home to almost 20,000 students from every state in the union and 120 countries. Consistently viewed as a progressive institution, Cornell was one of the first universities to admit qualified students regardless of race, gender, religion or social standing when it was founded in 1865. The spirit of “egalitarian excellence” holds true today and extends to the university’s commitment to keep its students, staff and faculty safe and sound.

The Cornell University Police work to enforce both state and local laws as well as uphold university policies and codes of conduct. In its most recent crime report, Cornell reported only 20 crimes that occurred on campus in 2012, and there were no aggravated assaults or murders. Those are impressive numbers for such a large campus population, and just one more reason Cornell enjoys a prestigious reputation.
Cornell University

2. Brown University

Brown University is the seventh-oldest college in the country, so it’s no wonder this prominent university continues to excel both in academics and in keepings its campus virtually crime-free. Situated in the historic streets of Providence, RI, Brown’s Department of Public Safety provides services both on campus and within specified areas off campus that are included in the university’s onCall program.

Escorts and shuttles are provided until 3:00 a.m. for any staff, faculty or student with a valid Brown ID, both on campus and in the onCall area off campus. If space allows, up to one guest may also be included. The Department of Public Safety also emphasizes crime prevention, awareness and self-defense. Positive relationships between safety officers and members of the Brown community are encouraged through initiatives like Cooking with Cops, where safety issues are discussed over activities like making pizza and homemade pasta dinners.
Brown University

3. Dartmouth College

Boasting alumni like Daniel Webster is just one impressive piece of Dartmouth’s unique heritage. This Hanover, NH, college was originally founded to educate Native Americans as well as English youth, and has been recognized consistently as one of the leading educational institutions in the world. Dartmouth takes the safety and well-being of its students, staff and faculty just as seriously as its academic and research reputations.

A robust Department of Safety and Security works round the clock to ensure the Dartmouth campus is a secure place in which to learn and grow. Through emergency response, preventive patrol, crime and safety awareness programming and activities, the department is able to minimize the occurrence of criminal activities on campus. Dartmouth strives to engage all members of the campus community in crime prevention, even reaching out to parents of students and encouraging them to echo the messages of personal responsibility and awareness to their children who are living on campus.
dartmouth college

Written by Rebecca Edwards

Rebecca has honed her safety and security skills as both a single mom and a college director. Being responsible for the well-being of others helped her learn how to minimize risk and create safe environments. Learn more

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