4 Men’s Colleges That Make Safety a Priority

Written by | Updated March 12, 2014

It seems like most concern for safety on college campuses is focused on women, but in the name of equality, colleges need to look out for the guys as well. We took a look at some of the best all-men’s colleges in the country and found four that shine in both the academic and safety realms.

1. Hampden-Sydney College

Hailed as one of the top private colleges in the country, according to “Forbes Magazine,” “The Princeton Review” and “U.S. News and World Report,” this liberal arts college for men is also a top performer when it comes to campus safety. Hampden-Sydney College was free of hate crimes, aggravated assaults and homicides for the past two years as reported in their most recent crime statistics.

With a goal to graduate “thoughtful, honorable men who are prepared to serve society,” it’s no surprise that this prestigious Virginia institution takes great care when it comes to both academic achievement and personal safety. With the likes of Patrick Henry and James Madison as original Trustees, Hampden-Sydney is the oldest men’s college still operating in America. The college campus is diligently patrolled by the Department of Security and Police 24/7. Services provided by the department include vehicle, bicycle and foot patrols, responding to medical emergencies, a personal property anti-theft program and crime prevention education.
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2. Saint John’s University

Located in the appropriately named city of Collegeville, Minnesota, Saint John’s University is a liberal arts college for men and is renowned for its coarse-grained Johnnie Bread that the college has been producing since 1856.

Rooted in the Benedictine tradition, Saint John’s historic buildings and courtyards are situated on 2,700 acres of diverse terrain that the university’s Public Safety officers work carefully to keep safe for students, faculty and staff. Public Safety officers are posted throughout the campus to monitor foot and vehicle traffic, and deter criminal activity. Saint John’s safety initiatives include escort services, emergency phones and a close relationship with local law enforcement. And these initiatives seem to be working; Saint John’s reported no murders, robberies or hate crimes in 2012, according to their most recent public safety report.
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3. Morehouse College

Not only is Morehouse College one of the few remaining all male colleges, but it is also one of the first historically black colleges in America. “U.S. News and World Report” ranked Morehouse number two among the nation’s historically black colleges and universities in their 2014 rankings.

Excellence seems to be a long-standing tradition at this liberal arts college that boasts such influential alumni as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., director Spike Lee and Olympic track and field gold medalist Edwin Moses. This proud legacy stems from Morehouse’s mission to develop men disciplined minds who will lead lives of leadership and service. That mission is upheld on a daily basis by the Department of Campus Safety, where providing a safe environment for students, staff, faculty and visitors is priority number one.  As part of their crime prevention program all vehicles that enter the campus are monitored and foot, vehicle and camera surveillance are utilized round the clock throughout the 61 acre Atlanta, Georgia campus.
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4. Wabash College

Patterned after New England’s conservative liberal arts colleges, Wabash College was founded in 1832 by several Dartmouth graduates and remains an exclusive, all-male college. With just under 1,000 students from 13 different countries, including the U.S., Wabash strives to maintain a tight-knit campus community where future leaders can further their education without worrying about the safety and security of the campus. That’s where the Department of Safety and Security comes in.

Working closely with the Crawfordsville Police Department and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department, Wabash Safety and Security have been able to maintain an impressive safety record. According to the college’s current crime statistics, there have been no murders, sex offenses, assaults or robberies reported on campus since 2008.

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Written by Rebecca Edwards

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