4 U.S. Colleges That Put Safety First

Written by | Updated December 18, 2013

There’s nothing more reassuring than knowing that when your little one leaves the nest for college, there will be someone else out there keeping an eye on them. Checking into the security record of a college is an important part of the school selection process. All colleges are required to track and publish crime and safety statistics, but sometimes it can be difficult for the average person to find that information.

Working to make your college research easier, we’ve found four colleges that score high when it comes to campus safety – check out these safe colleges, below.

1. Trinity Christian College

This well-regarded liberal arts college is proud of the strong sense of community present on its suburban campus, located just minutes from downtown Chicago, Illinois. Consistently ranked by “U.S. News and World Report” as a top tier college, Trinity also scores high marks for campus safety, claiming the number five spot on the Highest Safest Colleges and Universities list published by StateUniversity.com.

Although Trinity campus safety officers are not sworn police officers, the Department of Campus Safety and Security still provides a wide range of services to ensure that all students, staff and faculty reap the benefits of a safe college campus. And while safety officers can’t place someone under arrest, Trinity officers are trained as security guards, emergency dispatchers and are certified in CPR/AED. Officers are available 24 hours a day, seven days per week to offer services like foot and vehicle patrols, late-night escorts, emergency alerts and planning, controlled dormitory access and more.

Trinity Christian College

2. Covenant College

Originally founded in Pasadena, California, Covenant College relocated halfway across the country to St. Louis, Missouri just one year after admitting its first student. After another eight years, Covenant was on the move again finally settling in Chattanooga, where the college still resides today in the remnants of the Lookout Mountain Hotel, which once housed the South’s largest ballroom.

Not only can this college maintain their academic integrity through move after move, but they’ve never wavered in their commitment to keeping students, staff, faculty and visitors safe and sound. In fact, according to Covenant’s most recent crime statistics, there have been no rapes, robberies, aggravated assaults or murders on campus since 2010. The admirable safety record of this college is due, in large part, to a dedicated Campus Safety and Security Office that provides a bevy of services from crime prevention and awareness to parking enforcement and key card access.

Covenant College

3. Bay Path College

Bay Path College is a women’s college that emphasizes career-focused curriculum that blends classroom learning with real-life experience. Located in western Massachusetts, Bay Path works hard to make sure that its students, faculty and staff stay clear from the real-life experience of falling victim to crime on campus.

A full Department of Campus Public Safety is in place to foster a secure campus environment and enforce both college policies and local, state and federal laws. The department is closely linked to the local police and fire departments, which adds an extra layer of security for Bay Path students. A high priority for the Department of Campus Public Safety is offering a variety of personal safety and crime prevention workshops throughout the year.

Bay Path College

4. Menlo College

Regarded as one of the top private business schools in California, this small, non-profit college also enjoys a relatively crime-free history. It helps that Menlo is nestled in the Silicon Valley and calls one of the nation’s safest neighborhoods home. But that doesn’t mean they take it easy when it comes to providing a 24/7, full-service department of Campus Security Services. Uniformed officers are on patrol around the clock when classes are in session, and provide everything from investigative services to safety escorts. Menlo’s security office also maintains and reviews surveillance cameras placed across campus, teaches self-defense courses and provides education on alcohol awareness. All campus security calls are also reported to the local police, as an extra guarantee of safety and security.

Menlo College
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Written by Rebecca Edwards

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