4 Ways Security Systems Can Help Parents Keep an Eye on Their Teens

Written by | Updated January 9, 2014

Security systems were designed to protect homes from burglars, but they can do more than that. By having a security system, you gain an extra set of eyes to keep watch on everything happening in your home, which includes helping protect your teenage children.

There are a lot of features of a home security system that can help you protect your teens and give you insight to what they’re doing when you’re at work or out of town. Here are five security system features that can help you keep an eye on your teen.

1. Door and Window Sensors

Door and window sensors can, of course, notify you if anyone is trying to get into your home. But, if you have a teen who likes to sneak out at night, motion sensors can also help you catch them in the act. These sensors can alert parents if their children are attempting to sneak out with either a text message or the alarm sounding.

2. Security Cameras

Security cameras can help parents and teens protect their home. With these cameras, parents can quickly see what’s happening around their home without wading through excessive amounts of footage. Teens can also use the cameras to monitor the house when they are home alone.

3. Motion Sensor Lights

With motion sensor lights, you can not only draw attention to any motion a potential burglar is making in your yard, but it can also alert you if your teen is trying to sneak out. Install these cameras near entrances, both in the front and back of the house, as well as in any dark areas around your house.

4. Remote Locking

Many security systems now feature remote locking devices, giving parents added control away from home. Parents can unlock the door for their teen when they arrive home from school. Also, if the child forgets to lock the door, parents can easily secure it.

These are four great features you should have in your home, all of which come with security systems. To find the right security system for your home and family, check out the SafeWise comparison tool.

Keep in mind, these tools are meant to help keep your teenagers safe, not to be used as a replacement to parenting. It is still important for parents to set boundaries with their teens and show them there are repercussions for not following the safety rules. Make sure you use open communication and honesty with your children, so they know they can come to you if they need to.
security systems help parents keep an eye on teens

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