5 Easy DIY House Address Projects to Help Make Your Home Safer

Written by | Updated September 23, 2015

Home address numbers projects to make

A house marked with a clear, large address is easier for emergency personnel to identify, which is important if your family needs help. Try one of these unique DIY house address projects to create a safer environment for your family and boost your home’s curb appeal in the process.

1. Vinyl Numbered Door

DIY doesn’t get any easier than this vinyl numbered door project. You can make the numbers yourself, buy them at your local craft store, or order custom made vinyl numbers online. We love how easy it is to adapt this project to your home’s style and your taste. For example, you can use modern numbers in a bold color, or classic numbers in a traditional hue. The choice is yours!

Add vinyl home address numbers to your front door for extra visibility

Get the full tutorial at 11MagnoliaLane.com

2. Post Planter

This address post planter project makes your house easy to find, and lets you show off your green thumb. If you’re not into plants, no problem; don’t add the hook and you’ll end up with the most distinctive address post in the neighborhood. Either way, you can’t go wrong. Consider placing a solar-charged light near the base of the post for a dramatic effect at night, and your house will be even easier to locate.

Add your home address to a post with a planter

Get the full tutorial at Shanty2Chic.com

3. Large Initial

Bold and beautiful describes this monogram house number project. The fact that it’s also low budget makes it a DIY’ers dream. If you want the house numbers to stand out more, forgo the chevron design and paint the initial a solid color. Hang your creation under your home’s porch light so the numbers are easy to spot at night.

DIY monogoram home address project

Get the full tutorial at CraftCuts.com

4. Window Pane

If you have an old window pane you don’t know what to do with, you can repurpose it into a unique address display. Hang the sign on your front porch, above your garage, or anywhere it’s easy to see from the street. Consider painting the numbers with a glow in the dark finish to make them discernible at night.

DIY a window pane to display your home address

Get the full tutorial at larnmichelle.blogspot.com

5. Plaque Planter Box

This DIY address plaque doubles as a planter, but it could also hold sea shells, river rocks, or decorations during the holidays – the options are endless. For a classic look, replace the sign’s modern numbers with traditional ones.

DIY address plaque planter to boost curb appeal

Get the full tutorial at MyAnythingAndEverything.com

Tips for a Successful House Address Project

  • Find out if your homeowners association has restrictions that might affect your project.
  • Use numbers that are at least three inches tall.
  • Choose colors that contrast with the exterior of your home.
  • Approach your home from different angles to be your address is visible and not obstructed by plants, trees, or other decorations.

Create your own DIY house number project and post a picture of it in the comments or share it on social media and tag SafeWise. Stay safe and happy crafting!

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