5 Safety Products for Security On-the-Go

Written by | Updated August 11, 2015


Protecting yourself outside of your home is all about balancing security with portability. You want to thwart attackers if need be and communicate with the outside world if you’re in harm’s way, but you don’t want to be loaded down with 10 pounds of gear to do so.

Luckily, there are a host of gadgets available to protect yourself on the go. These items are portable, easy to use, and effective enough to give you peace of mind wherever you’re going. Here are five of our favorites.

1. Vigilant Personal Emergency Alarm

The Vigilant Personal Emergency Alarm straps onto your wrist or fits in your pocket while walking or jogging. When in danger, you simply pull the pin for a piercing alarm to alert everyone in the vicinity of trouble. As an added bonus, a powerful LED light can help illuminate your path in dimly lit areas, so you aren’t walking alone in the dark.

While there are often restrictions on where you can carry pepper spray or Tasers, portable alarm systems are allowed everywhere, even on planes. This means you can bring this safety device with you on your travels, so you can have help staying safe wherever you go.

2. Belt Wallet

Tourists traveling abroad are often the targets of pickpockets. Unfortunately, many of the travelers’ products designed to shield your money from theft are uncomfortable, impractical, or some combination of the two. The Belt Wallet solves this problem by offering a place to store cash inside your belt. This one-inch wide belt holds a secret pocket with a zipper where you can safely store hundreds of dollars of cash while traveling. Best of all, its minimal design makes it appear like any other belt.

3. Doberman Security Jogger Alarm

With a convenient wrist strap, the Doberman Security Jogger Alarm provides on-the-go security while keeping your hands free. The device combines an 110dB alarm with a bright flashing light, so passersby can see and hear you in the event of an attack. There’s also a built-in pouch for joggers who carry mp3 players, so it’s an “all in one” device and you don’t run with your hands full.

4. Belle Hop Travel Door Alarm with LED Flashlight

Whether you’re staying in a budget roadside motel or an Airbnb apartment, you may sometimes feel less than confident in the security of your surroundings on the road. The Belle Hop Travel Door Alarm provides added peace of mind in these situations. The device fastens into the space between a door and its frame, emitting a piercing alarm if the door is opened unexpectedly. The device is compact enough to fit in your purse or pocket, and loud enough to scare off an intruder.

5. DeLorme inReach Explorer Two-Way Satellite Communicator

If you are hiking or traveling in a remote area, there’s always the risk that you will have no way to contact the authorities in an emergency. The DeLorme Two-Way Satellite Communicator helps prevent this problem with global GPS and communication coverage. With a subscription, you can share your location in real time with friends and family all over the world. There’s also an interactive SOS tool that sends your precise location to emergency responders during emergencies that require immediate attention.

If the threat of danger is holding you back from doing the things you want to do, these products can help. Whether you’re jogging after dark or traveling somewhere new, you’ll have the tools you need to help protect yourself from harm.

Written by Alyssa Baker

Alyssa Baker is a writer and a resident security expert for the SafeWise team. She enjoys writing about home automation and home security gadgets, and drinks a lot of coffee in her spare time. Learn more

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