5 Useful Apps for Safe Home Improvement

Written by | Updated January 21, 2016

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This post was written for SafeWise by Jacob Hurwith from ImproveNet.com, a home remodeling and home improvement resource website.

The world of home improvement has certainly evolved, especially when it comes to home safety and home automation. Along with smart thermostats and DIY home security systems, there are now an array of useful home improvement apps designed to make your DIY project as easy and stress-free as possible.

Below are five very “handy” home improvement apps that will help save you time and ensure that you are completing your projects correctly and safely – just like a home improvement professional.

1. iHandy Carpenter

Jan 21 ihandy Carpenter

Whether you’re completely remodeling your kitchen or just hanging a new picture, you will likely need a level at some point. Fortunately, this handy iPhone app (only available on iOS) provides three kinds of levels – the Plumb Bob Level, Surface Level and Bubble Level Bar, as well as a standard ruler and protractor.

The $1.99 app takes advantage of your phone’s built-in sensors to ensure any working surface is flat, straight and exactly how you intended.

2. Handy Man DIY

Anyone who has ever taken part in a large or medium-sized home remodeling project knows that if you are not organized, things will get hectic. As such, it’s important to always know exactly what materials you own, how much you own, and how much you need.

Enter Handy Man DIY. Many users utilize Handy Man DIY ($2.99) as a sort of grocery list for home improvement materials. It can organize your lists and email them to your remodel team when you’re done. The app also tracks measurements, shows you how to complete projects, and estimates total costs.

3. Snapguide

Jan 21 Snapguide

We are living in a world of “how-to”. Whether it’s searching “how to do X” in Google or YouTube, in the age of DIY, how-to is becoming the phrase of the century. When it comes to how-to, Snapguide has you covered.

If you want to see how to paint the back of a bookcase, make a rolling storage crate or hundreds of others DIY home renovation tasks, Snapguide can help.

The free app covers a wide variety of other categories as well, from cooking and technology to beauty and lifestyle.

4. ColorSnap by Sherwin-Williams

More often than not, DIY starts with painting. Home painting is the most common DIY project and fortunately, paint brands have come out with some incredible apps to make your painting project as stress-free as possible.

ColorSnap jumps top of mind due to its impressive color matching capability. Evidently, the names of all the colors we see in the real world are not labeled. While that shade of blue on the restaurant wall may look great in your bathroom, sadly, no one knows the exact tint. That is, until now.

The free app (iOSAndroid) will convert any color into a matching, custom tint mix code from Sherwin-Williams. All you have to do is take a picture of the color you like, tap on the hue you like best and the system will return its “closest result.”

5. HomeAdvisor

Despite the DIY craze across the country, no one should be too proud to call in the pros when needed. Luckily, HomeAdvisor, an industry leader in matching homeowners with pre-screened home improvement professionals, created a free mobile app (iOS & Android). Unlike other providers, such as Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor is completely free. Not only will you receive up to four quotes from local pros, but if you change your mind and decide to DIY, it doesn’t cost you a dime.

Happy remodeling!

Written by Jacob Hurwith

Jacob is the content marketing manager at ImproveNet, which connects homeowners (for free) with local contractors. Jacob started his career with the Chicago Sun-Times, but has since worked in the marketing departments for various agencies and brands. Learn more

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