5 Weak Points in Security Small Businesses Should Protect

Written by | Updated December 10, 2014

Small businesses are as vulnerable to crime as homes are, and your business may have several weak points in security you need to address to handle or help prevent crimes from happening. Here are five weak points to look out for in your business, all of which may be addressed by installing a security system and proper alarm monitoring for your business.

1. Lack of Monitored Security System

Whether it’s during the day or late at night, someone can break into a business and steal merchandise, equipment, money, and digital information. Without alarms and security cameras, you may never know the details of the break-in, such as who it was or the exact time of day or night it occurred. Simply having alarms and security cameras visible can prevent at least some crimes, and should someone commit a crime in your place of business, the security cameras capture the footage you need to mitigate the losses.

Sometimes businesses go as far as purchasing a security system, but they don’t subscribe to the 24-7 monitoring that may come along with it. Without an outside company monitoring your alarms, those alarms may sound in the event of a break-in, but they won’t notify any external source except anyone immediately around the building who can hear it. The faster your security system can relay a message about the break-in to the monitoring company, the sooner police can arrive to handle the situation.

In addition to break-ins, employee theft, which the FBI calls “the fastest growing crime in America,” accounts for approximately $20 to $40 billion in losses, and an estimated three out of four employees steal from their employer. Security cameras set up not only around the main store, office area, and storefront but in back storage and inventory rooms may help deter employee theft.

2. Unsecured Doors and Safes

One of the easiest ways for a burglar to infiltrate a business and steal its valuables is through unsecure doors and safes. Burglars can easily kick down or pick the locks of doors without the proper locking mechanisms, and they can open safes without top-quality protection with ease as well. Deadbolts for doors are one option, as they provide a stronger resistance and can only be opened from the inside rather than with a key. Doors and safes with secure passcodes that can’t be easily hacked are another option for business security.

3. Lack of Computer and Data Security

A common form of business theft is when a burglar gains access to the business’ computers and steals digital information from them. This includes credit card information and other sensitive data concerning the business or its customers. The cost of having this data security breach can be immense for a business. Helping protect the store or offices that house that equipment is crucial, in addition to effective passwords and other cybersecurity measures.

4. Lack of Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Besides an actual intruder, fires or carbon monoxide, which poisons the air employees and customers breathe, may also harm a business. Along with security cameras and alarm monitoring, having the proper detectors for fires and carbon monoxide can help protect your business and customers from a potentially harmful or even fatal situation.

5. No Protection Against Legal Action

Video recordings can help protect your business from lawsuits and other costly liabilities, such as the injury of an employee or customer. Having this evidence stands up in a courtroom and may help your business avoid unnecessary financial action taken against you.

Business security systems mitigate potentially costly and dangerous situations both during and after hours, so if you own your own business, consider investing in your and your business’ safety and security. For more information, call and speak with a SafeWise security expert about your options and specific needs.

Written by Carolyn Heneghan

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