6 Ways Security Systems Offer Parents Peace of Mind

Written by | Updated February 27, 2014

Whether you’re a first time parent or have a house full of kids, the moment your newborn arrives home from the hospital is exciting, yet daunting. Your tiny, helpless bundle of joy is depending on you 24/7 to keep her safe and secure. Like any parent, you want to protect your child.

Because mothers are often the primary caregivers during the first months of a baby’s life, they naturally feel an extra sense of responsibility to protect their child. If you’re a new mom you should know that being concerned about your infant’s safety and security is perfectly normal, and a security system can offer the peace of mind you’re longing for.

Security systems protect our family and our home from burglars, but these days they also offer a number of innovative features that make them the perfect mother’s companion.

Let’s take a look at the top six ways a security system can ease mom’s apprehensions.

1. Motion sensors add extra security.

Whether you have a security system in place or not, it’s time to reevaluate your family’s security needs now that your new family member has arrived. For example, when a new baby comes along, rooms that may not have had motion sensors, like offices or spare bedrooms, get converted into nurseries and playrooms. Strategically placing motion sensors in rooms your baby frequents will protect your child by letting you know right away if an intruder is inside your home. They also give you the heads-up if Fido has roamed where he shouldn’t and is too close to your baby. If you’re okay with your dog and baby interacting, use a pet immune motion sensor so your alarm isn’t activated unnecessarily.

Motion detectors can also be set up so your system starts recording the moment movement is detected, and immediately alerts you via text message or email of the occurrence. You’ll feel an added sense of security knowing you’re always aware of what’s happening in your baby’s room.

2. Home and health monitoring are essential.

Professional security companies offer a wealth of home monitoring solutions that help put a new mom at ease and provide extra security for babies. Fire and smoke detection are two common home monitoring solutions, but one that’s often overlooked is carbon monoxide monitoring. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous and potentially deadly gas that’s colorless, odorless, and tasteless. It’s impossible to detect without a warning device.

Medical alert monitoring is another important monitoring service that’s worth looking into. If you’re a new mom who is often home alone with her baby, you’ll have no one to turn to should you fall or experience another medical emergency. Simply wear a necklace, wristband or other connected device and at the push of a button you’re connected to a safety and security specialist through two-way voice communication. The specialist will identify your need and alert the appropriate emergency service.

3. Use window sensors to help you know they’re safe.

Your newborn isn’t moving independently yet, but now is the time to install window sensors. In addition to alerting you immediately if someone is breaking into your home, a window sensor could helpsave your child’s life. Annually, more than 5,000 children are treated in U.S. emergency rooms after falling from a window. Falling from a window can result in a severe head injury or even death. It’s also a good idea to get in the habit now of keeping furniture away from windows. And don’t forget, a screen isn’t strong enough to keep a child from falling out of a window.

4. You can have home video access.

Whether you’re a new mom or a veteran one, you’re a multitasking pro. Using home video access, you can keep an eye on your sleeping baby through the television or a dedicated monitor while you take part in a conference call or tackle those household chores.

5. There are many advantages of wireless.

Wireless home security systems offer a number of benefits. Working through radio waves rather than wires, wireless systems can often be taken with you when you move, they’re easy to install, and can be expanded and reconfigured as your family grows. But perhaps most importantly, they give a new mom peace of mind that a burglar can’t cut wires to disable the system.

6. Enjoy affordable remote video surveillance.

Offering unparalleled peace of mind, most top home security companies give you the power to watch what’s going on in your home from a remote location through a web-enabled device. Of course there are many security reasons that make this feature one you won’t want to do without, but as a new mom there are additional reasons to take advantage of remote video surveillance.

Whether you’re leaving your newborn with your mom or a babysitter, you’ll enjoy checking in on her right from your smartphone or tablet. Even if you’re enjoying date night right at home, you’ll appreciate being able to make sure she’s safe in her crib, right from the comfort of the couch.

Many companies also offer automatic video recording for a certain period of time after a trigger event occurs, and save the recording for a specified number of days. Should a trigger event like a break-in happen, you’ll have video of it taking place and that could help police catch the criminal. And if the sly babysitter invites over an unapproved guest, you’ll know right away.

As a mom, protecting your baby is your top priority. But being preoccupied with your baby’s safety and security is draining and hinders bonding with your little one. Take advantage of the many features a professional home security system offers and don’t miss another irreplaceable moment with your baby. Use our easy system finder to search the very best home security systems and discover the one that’s ideal for you.

Written by Alexia Chianis

Wanderlust junky and mom of two, Alexia is a former police officer and U.S. Army Captain who draws on her experiences to write about a myriad of safety topics. Learn more

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