7 Innovative Uses for Door Sensors

Written by | Updated December 30, 2013

Movies might give you the impression that all burglars are creative, with their never-before-seen blueprints of your home and fancy contraptions that make it possible for them to lower themselves into your home through the ceiling.

While this all makes for great entertainment, the most common entry points for the real-life bad guys are the things you open daily: your doors and windows. This is why door sensors are one of the most basic elements of a home security system. But, these alarms won’t only help keep enemies out of the house. They can also help you have a little fun and keep tabs on what’s going on throughout your home.

Depending on the system you choose, the sensors can be added to places other than doors, like cupboards and drawers, and the alarm can be loud and obvious or it can be a silent text to your phone. Here we offer some ideas of unexpected ways to use a door alarm within your home.

Keep the surprise in surprises.

A child knows not to look in Mom and Dad’s closet in December, and that’s all the more reason for the child to want to snoop. Help keep them away from presents by using a loud door alarm on your closet door. You might want to install a camera, too, just to catch the look on your child’s face.

Prevent unwanted “borrowing.”

If you live with roommates, you know what we mean. Perhaps your TV periodically disappears and then reappears a few days later. The same may happen with your DVDs or jewelry. Use a door sensor on your TV or in your drawers to be notified every time they move.

Help your spouse with their diet.

Is she giving up cookies? Is he saying no to ice cream? Set up text alerts for every time the cookie jar or freezer opens. Then kindly show up in the kitchen and remind your other half of their goals.
stealing food

Keep your toddler out of the bathroom.

Nearly every child goes through the toilet paper phase. If you’re notified when the toddler enters the bathroom, maybe you can save at least half of the roll.

Rig a game of hide-and-go-seek.

Let’s face it—that game can get really old. If you want to be the best “finder” ever, just get silent texts on your phone every time a door opens to certain rooms in the house.
hide and seek

Sleep until your teenager gets home.

Tired of waiting up for your night owl to get home? If you get an alert when your teenager gets home, you can rush downstairs and look like you’ve been worried and waiting the whole night.

Keep the kids in.

Whether it’s a party-prone teenager who you suspect sneaks out at night or your upset 8-year-old who threatens to run away on a daily basis, having sensors on your child’s window can help you know when an escape attempt is made.

How will door sensors work best for you? Use the SafeWise security system finder to see what home security options will work best for your living space and your needs. As you’re looking, remember that security isn’t just about keeping people out—it’s also about being aware of what’s going on in your home and, at times, having a bit of fun with it.
7 innovative uses for door sensors

Written by Hillary Johnston

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