A Review of the Honeywell Home Security System

Written by | Updated January 5, 2017

Honeywell Home Security Review 2016

Like some of the other newly emerging technology in the home security sector, the Honeywell Home Security System uses home automation to help you secure your family, property, and possessions. However, Honeywell adds some bells and whistles that you won’t find with most other home security companies, such as GPS and asset tracking and “Smart Scenes.” Because they are highly customizable, Honeywell Systems range in price and can incorporate all kinds of cutting-edge features.

Dynamic Interface

Some security alarm systems offer main control panels that can be an eyesore for style-conscious homeowners. However, Honeywell offers control panels such as Tuxedo TouchTM, which is a sleek, minimal, easy-to-use touch panel that’s unobtrusive. With a bright, interactive screen, Tuxedo TouchTM means that your home alarm system can be stylish and intuitive — no need to remember complicated number combinations or codes. You can even use voice controls if your hands are full or you’re in a hurry. As a bonus, when you’re not using your system, you can set a default family photo or other image to appear on the touchscreen.

Home Control

Honeywell offers all the standard home automation and energy-saving options: control your lights, locks, and thermostat from any control panel or remotely use any Web-enabled device. Unlock your doors from afar when the dog-walker arrives or your cleaners arrive, and safely lock the doors after they leave. In addition, you can control your window shades — put them on a timer to reduce glare or protect furniture or artwork. You can also automate your ceiling fans to turn on when you arrive home from work or turn off when you arm your security system at night.

Honewell home security home automation review

Real-Time Alerts

With a Honeywell System, not only will you get a notification if your security alarm goes off, but you can also remotely arm/disarm your system and set custom alerts. Receive a notification when your children get home from school or be notified when a pet trips a sensor in a room they’re not supposed to be in. You can also receive alerts of who arms and disarms your system and when, so you’re never left in the dark when it comes to the protection of your home and loved ones.

Live Video

View live video from up to six cameras at a time. Keep an eye on the kids in the yard or check to see who’s at your front door from the comfort of your couch. You can even view your camera feeds from your smartphone, tablet, or other Web-enabled device when you’re away from home. And you can set up custom video alerts, so you can see when your kids arrive home, check to see when a package arrives, or keep an eye on your pets while you’re at work. At any time, you can record a two-minute loop from your camera, so you can capture any activity.

Honeywell home security review

Smart Scenes

One of Honeywell’s truly dynamic and interesting features is Smart Scenes. Schedule ‘scenes’ around your lifestyle, so that certain home automation features will be triggered at certain times throughout the day. A “Goodnight” scene could lock your doors, close your window shades, turn off your lights and fans, and arm your security system at a certain time. You could also set a scene for when you arrive home from work: setting the thermostat at a certain temperature and turning on the lights, so you can arrive to a comfortable and well-lit home.

GPS Vehicle and Asset Tracking

In addition to its traditional home security features, Honeywell also offers GPS tracking for vehicles and valuables. Track your vehicles to keep tabs on new teenage drivers or elderly family members, so you know they’re safe day or night. Vehicle GPS trackers also come in handy should your vehicle ever be stolen. You can even set custom alerts on your smartphone to let you know if your vehicle is speeding or if it has entered geographic areas that you have programmed as off-limits. The GPS tracking can also be used for valuables, such as priceless pieces of art or family heirlooms.

Honeywell believes that a smart house makes a safe home. How you choose to enhance your home’s security with automation features will depend on your needs, your lifestyle, and your budget. Use the SafeWise home security comparison engine to find the system to match your needs. Click here to find the system that’s right for you.

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