ADT Fire Alarm Monitoring in Action: The Zimmerman Family

Written by | Updated May 1, 2014

The Zimmermans from Kirkland, Washington lived a normal life in a home designed and built by Jim Zimmerman.  Like most families, they never expected to face a serious threat to their home. However, they were forced to evacuate when their basement caught fire and they nearly lost everything.

Fortunately, the house had an ADT fire alarm monitoring system and the fire was put out before it caused too much damage. The thoroughness of ADT monitoring was what ultimately helped save the house and the life of Jim Zimmerman.

To explore how valuable it can be to choose the right home security monitoring system, let’s take a look at how ADT helped take care of the Zimmermans through their state-of-the-art monitoring system.

System Detected Smoke

Jim Zimmerman sat in his basement hobby room, smoking a pipe and working on his architectural sketches. He left the basement to take a nap upstairs, unwittingly leaving his pipe still smoldering on the table.

Within moments, the rising smoke from the burning table was enough for the ADT monitoring smoke and heat detector to pick up on.

Detector Set Off Audible Alarm in Residence

Confused and bewildered, Jim awoke to a shrill alarm sounding throughout the house. This was the monitoring system alerting all inhabitants of the home of a potential threat.

Jim, unsure of where the threat was coming from, began checking doors to see if there had been a break-in.

Detector Sent Alert to Dispatch

Simultaneously, an alert was sent to ADT monitoring’s 24/7 dispatch team. While Jim was just waking up, an ADT monitoring representative was already addressing the problem.

Chessie, an emergency dispatcher working out of Florida, received the alert immediately. Though many of these alerts turn out to be false alarms, she treated the situation with all seriousness. She attempted to contact the residence and received no reply.

Dispatch Contacted Local Fire Department

Despite being stationed on the opposite corner of the country, Chessie then quickly located and contacted the fire department nearest the residence.

Within moments, members of the Kirkland fire department were dispatched to the Zimmerman’s home.

Fire Department Arrived

At this point, the flames had grown over three feet and Jim Zimmerman realized the source of the fire. Crawling on his hands and knees, he moved in search of the fire extinguisher to put out the flames.

He was quickly met by the firefighters pouring into his home, a few of which escorted him outside to safety. He was met by his family out on the driveway, while the firefighters extinguished the flame and prevented any further damage from occurring.

The Zimmerman’s story may seem miraculous, but it could have ended in tragedy. If the family had not taken the proper precautions and installed their ADT monitoring system, Jim may not have found the source of the fire and made it out in time.

Written by Hillary Johnston

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