Airbus Bag2Go Makes Traveling Safer and Easier

Written by | Updated August 5, 2013

Traveling can be extremely stressful, especially when worrying about hauling around your luggage.

When your belongings aren’t by your side, you never know whose hands they’re in. Airbus Bag2Go takes the stress over luggage out of traveling.

Bag2Go, currently just a prototype, is a digitally enabled bag that you control from an app on your own smartphone. It can give you information about your luggage, including weight, contents, and restricted items. The smart bag can even communicate with airport check-in and security, making the airport process much more seamless.

This sweet bag helps you during packing by weighing the contents as you go, keeping you from heavy luggage fees. The RFID chip in the bag allows you to check in your luggage and trace it along every step of the way, so you know where your valuables are at all times.

The Airbus Bag2Go app will immediately notify you if your bag is opened or tampered with. This incredible new technology is giving travelers peace of mind and making travel much more enjoyable.

The app’s transportation service will transport your bag to and from the airport, so you can get to the airport any way that you choose, even by bike. This feature also eliminates everyone’s most dreaded part of travel: baggage claim. Your bag is safely delivered to the destination you choose, so you can head straight to the hotel or site seeing.

Here at Safewise, we appreciate anything making life a little bit safer. Would you consider this smart bag for your travels?

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Written by Elli Bishop

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