Unlocking doors, arming your security system, and even opening your garage door can now all be done from your wrist. Alarm.com made quite the splash at ISC West 2014 this year showing those in attendance how easy home automation can be.

Using the Pebble smart watch, users can quickly and easily access their home automation tools. The Pebble smart watch uses Bluetooth technology to connect to a user’s smart device, which has been programed to handle home automation.

Alarm.com has been diligently working to ensure home automation is easy and seamless for users. In 2013, Alarm.com partnered with LiftMaster to ensure that anyone using the Alarm.com systems can remotely manage, monitor, and control their garage door opener activity.

Alarm.com’s user interface continues to impress us with the adaptations that allow it to be used for all aspects of home security and home automation. Alarm.com also put out a Stream Video Recorder that allows users to access the video their cameras are recording. This recorder captures four video streams at the same time, connects to the home network, and sends clips of the feed to Alarm.com’s Cloud servers.

These recent innovations from Alarm.com show how fast the world of home security and home automation is progressing. Say goodbye to bulky controls and cumbersome tools, and hello to the world of easy, quick, and effective home automation and home security.

Image: Pebble Facebook Page

Written by Rachel Drake

Rachel reports on advancements in the home security and automation industry. From new technology to game-changing acquisitions, Rachel covers all the latest. Learn more

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