AlertID Provides Safe and Secure Communication

Written by | Updated July 30, 2013

Mobile technology has come a long way; unfortunately, it isn’t always secure. AlertID is a safe and secure solution to sharing sensitive information among specified recipients.
The app provides a safe place to share information with family, friends, neighbors and public safety officials. It is a simple, easy to use app that allows you to create both public and private groups and securely share messages, pictures, videos and more.

Community Watch

AlertID has a community watch option that allows neighborhood residents to quickly relay safety information to each other, helping decrease crime and making your neighborhood safer.

Founder Kelly Wilson calls the community watch a “neighborhood watch on steroids.” Not only can you use the feature for neighborhood safety, but also for events and lost or found items and pets.

You are even able to add multiple neighborhoods to check up on your own home, school, and workplace.

AlertID is completely free and Wilson encourages all neighborhoods to utilize it.

More Uses for AlertID

The app is meant to be used by many different organizations to communicate with each other. Create a group among your immediate family and communicate secure information like where you’ll be picking the kids up or where the family should meet in case they get separated.

AlertID is becoming a modern solution for PTA groups in school systems. Use the app to communicate school closings, special events, campus incidents and more.

Is your child on a sports team? Use AlertID to communicate among the team when there’s bad weather, schedule changes or even team standings.

AlertID is not only a great security resource for your family and community, but also a convenient way to communicate with important people. Check out AlertID and see if it’s right for you.

AlertID covers all communities in all 50 states.

Written by Elli Bishop

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