Apple Granted Patent for Home Automation Technology

Written by | Updated November 6, 2013

Apple took their first step toward becoming part of the world of home automation today when it was granted a patent to control home devices. The company plans to create a technology that connects the user’s Apple products with items in their home.

According to Apple Insider, this technology will “adaptively track a user’s location and use the data to intelligently control secondary devices at another locale.” By using information from credit cards or RFID badges, the technology can recognize a user’s location and know which items to turn on/off, control the climate, and more.

Apple Insider also reports the location technology will work like Apple’s current geo-fencing technology. “For example, a user can define a ‘work’ and a ‘home’ zone, with the system able to activate tracking when they leave or arrive within a predetermined fence.”

Beyond knowing where a user is, this technology is expected to be able to read what activities someone is doing in order to better predict where their next location will be. For example, if a user is coming up the street to their home, they can program the exterior lights of their home to turn on automatically as they approach.

We’re excited to see where Apple goes with this extraordinary home automation technology. What do you think of Apple diving into home automation? Would you try this out?

Written by Jenna Black

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