Safewise Review: AT&T’s Digital Life Makes for a Simple and Smart Home

Written by | Updated July 24, 2013

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own a smart home, connecting your smartphone to almost everything that plugs into your wall? Imagine being able to let the kids in after school and make sure they’re safe when you’re not even home. Welcome to AT&T Digital Life.

AT&T has consistently been providing quality home security options to the public, and Digital Life is no exception. Digital Life offers two levels of security: Simple and Smart.

Simple Security

The Simple Security option is AT&T’s solution for peace of mind without breaking the bank. It includes all of the basic features that any home security system offers including door and window sensors that detect when something fishy is happening, a keypad to arm and disarm the system, and a keychain remote for easy on-the-go control.

Smart Security

AT&T created Smart Security to build on to simple security with enhanced automation and safety features. You are able to monitor and access your home’s security system from your own smartphone, PC or tablet. It also offers the ability for you to receive text and video alerts of events going on in your home.
Smart Security allows for 24/7 access to what’s going on in your home, from wherever you are. Check the status of your home, receive text and video alerts, arm or disarm your alarm, and monitor doors, windows and motion sensors all from a remote location.

Both options include 24-hour battery backup, smart phone access, keypad, keychain remote, indoor siren and contact sensors.

The big difference between Simple and Smart security is automation. Simple Security is all of the basics, and Smart Security builds on to that creating a smart home. With Digital Life Smart Security, you are able to customize a plan that fits your lifestyle. Check out the AT&T Digital Life website to further compare Simple Security vs. Smart Security.

digital life

Plans to Fit Your Lifestyle

Digital Life Smart Security offers lifestyle bundles that are as unique as you are. Whether you’re constantly on-the-go or obsessed with checking up on your new puppy, there’s a bundle for you. Lifestyle bundles include Protect the Family, Pet Care, Gadget Guru and On the Go. Bundles range from $14 to $25 extra per month with a one-time setup fee to get going.

Additional Items

As mentioned before, Smart Security is all about being customizable. Each add-on ranges from $4.99 to $9.99 per month on top of the Smart Security cost of $39.99 per month.
The Door Package allows you to unlock the door for anyone you’d like to while you’re away. Control the lighting and temperature of your home remotely with the Energy Package. Come home to a comfortable home, or set a schedule. The Energy Package combines 24/7 monitoring, window and door sensors, remote accessibility and motion detection along with thermostat and light control to keep your energy costs down.
The Camera package gives you full access to your home with customizable cameras that can be monitored remotely. You even have the ability to trigger a recording when an alarm occurs. The Water Detection and Water Control add-ons keep your leaks in check with water sensors that will alert you immediately when anything goes wrong. This will keep you from experiencing costly water damage.

Check out the Digital Life website to see videos and receive much more information home security options. We think this Digital Life business seems like a pretty good deal, and it covers all of your home security needs. Whether you’re taking your first step and purchasing a basic home security system, or ready to turn your home into a smart one, we think Digital Life will deliver.

Written by Elli Bishop

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