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John is a hockey fan, frequent fisherman, and former Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. He nerds out to finding new gadgets that help keep his family safe.

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Home security camers can be hacked

Camera Settings That Could Make You Vulnerable to Getting Hacked

John Roskelley | Sep 12, 2014 | Equipment Reviews

More homeowners are choosing to include security cameras as a part of their overall home security. A concern for some is whether or not security cameras can be hacked and controlled, particularly those configured for…

The 50 Safest Cities in Michigan

The 50 Safest Cities in Michigan

John Roskelley | Oct 23, 2018 | Focus on Community

CLICK HERE to see the most recent 50 Safest Cities in Michigan- 2015 Report! Where you decide to live and raise a family, start a career, or retire is an important decision. In addition to…

woman interacting with sky security panel in house

How Safe are Wireless Home Security Systems?

John Roskelley | Dec 18, 2018 | Equipment Reviews

Many home security systems offer great technology features, including wireless systems. But with a system that runs off of cellular service and isn’t hardwired to a phone line, you may be wondering if it’s safe and secure. We are here to answer your questions and explain the features and benefits of having a wireless home security system installed in your home.

50 Safest Cities in Ohio

The 50 Safest Cities in Ohio

John Roskelley | May 5, 2015 | Focus on Community

Home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and 262 miles of Lake Erie shoreline, Ohio offers its over 11 million residents a great place to…

teaching your children about home safety

What to Teach Your Children About Home Safety

John Roskelley | Jul 29, 2014 | Safety Tips

Home safety and security have never had such importance, with so many families having both parents in the workforce and technology making our lives incredibly transparent. Setting security and safety expectations with your children should…

how a home security system can increase the value of your home

How a Home Security System Can Increase the Value of your Home

John Roskelley | May 16, 2018 | Equipment Reviews

Burglars know the signs of a home protected by a monitored home security system and know their chances of successfully breaking in are greatly diminished with these homes, compared to unprotected homes. A neighborhood filled…

How to Prevent Your Home from Flooding

John Roskelley | Oct 2, 2013 | Safety Tips

When we hear about home security, we tend to think about burglaries and home invasions. However, there are more things that can happen to jeopardize our home safety. In terms of greater threats to property…

Why People in These 5 Cities Drive Safer Than You

John Roskelley | Jan 28, 2014 | Focus on Community

The national car accident average for drivers is roughly 10 years between accidents. This means the average driver can expect to be in an accident approximately once per decade. Some cities across America have much…

Monitored and Unmonitored Security Systems: What’s the Difference?

John Roskelley | Dec 21, 2018 | Equipment Reviews, SafeWise Recommends

As you search for the right security system for your home, you might be wondering about the differences between having an unmonitored system compared to a monitored system. It is true that unmonitored systems are…