Chandler Clayton

Chandler Clayton is an expert in the field of security. Honing his skills from the University of Wisconsin, he writes to inform the public on the latest trends and innovations in the security market. He draws his experience from his constant life efforts to learn and adapt in the modern era.

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Road Trip Safety Tips

Chandler Clayton | Apr 4, 2019 | Safety Tips

  Getting ready to hit the road for a multi-day adventure? Make sure that it’s a fun and safe drive no matter where you’re going with our top road trip tips. Buckle up. This may seem…

What is a Smart Home and How Does it Support Green Living?

Chandler Clayton | Apr 4, 2019 | Home Automation

Every day, people from all walks of life start enjoying the numerous benefits a smart home offers. Money savings and convenience top the list, but smart home owners can also feel good that their home…