#AutomateThis: Insteon Offers Simple and Affordable Home Automation

Written by | Updated September 9, 2015

insteon home automation

Insteon Home Automation provides simple home security at an affordable price. The company offers a wide range of compatibility with various devices, including mobile phones, the Apple Watch, and smart home thermostats, like Nest.

What Does Insteon Offer?

Insteon has an impressive lineup of over 200 smart home devices to choose from, including smart thermostats, motion sensors, door locks, light switches, and Wi-Fi cameras – just to name a few. Most of them utilize a central Insteon Hub, which you can use to connect to any web-enabled device.

You can use your device and the hub in unison to control the lighting remotely in your home, create schedules for the thermostat, or create what Insteon refers to as “scenes.” You can create scenes by saving a combination of lighting and/or appliance settings. For instance, if your parents are visiting, you could create a scene where you leave on just enough lighting for your guests to find the bathroom or kitchen in the middle of the night. All you’d have to do is tap your smartphone and your lights and other appliances would adjust to the pre-determined settings for that scene.

The hub also allows your Insteon devices to deliver instant alerts to your phone if your home security is breached. And to top it all off, Insteon operates on Dual-Band technology, making it 100 times more reliable than single-band networks.

How Does It Compare?

Insteon outdoes the competition in many areas. The system allows you to set adjustable ramp rates and levels for dimmers, while comparable brands do not. And because Insteon uses dual-band technology rather than just Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Z-wave, you can enjoy greater reliability and connect thousands of devices—both wired and wireless—on an automatically meshed network. And unlike many competitors, the Insteon system can operate without a hub and will continue to work if the controller fails, whereas other systems might fail completely.

Is it Compatible?

Insteon is compatible with many devices already on the market, from Apple and Android-enabled smartphones to other home automation devices. The company was one of the first home-automation companies to offer an app for the Apple Watch, and Apple’s HomeKit technology is supported through Insteon+, allowing customers to connect with multiple devices in Insteon’s product lineup. Insteon is also the only brand among their top competitors that can be used on the Windows and Windows 8 phone apps. Insteon also connects to the Nest Learning Thermostat through the Insteon Hub.

Insteon home automation works with Nest

On the whole, Insteon offers a good deal for homeowners looking to add home automation or extra security to their home without dealing with complicated hardware or a steep price tag. Its straightforward system and no-monthly-fees set-up is ideal for customers who might be put off by the hassle and cost of a monitored home security system. Insteon continues to add compatible products as it moves along, making it an ever-changing and useful entry in the field of smart home products.

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