#AutomateThis: Intelligent Protection with the August Smart Lock

Written by | Updated August 31, 2015

August Lock helps you control your deadbolts remotely

When roughly 33 percent of burglars and home invaders enter a home through the front door, it’s wise to take extra steps to secure it. If you haven’t invested in a smart lock to help protect your assets yet, it might be time to do so. A recent addition to the scene, the August Smart Lock works with your existing door lock to provide additional control and security for your home.

How it Works

The August Smart Lock allows you to unlock or lock your door without keys directly from your smartphone. The lock works using Bluetooth technology, which means no Internet connection is required. If desired, you can add the optional August Connect to enjoy complete remote access on your phone from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.

Because the August Smart Lock is powered with batteries, it will continue to protect you even when the power goes out. The August Connect, however, does require a power outlet and must be installed within 30 feet of the smart lock.

August lock pros and cons

To install, you simply replace the door’s thumb turn with the smart lock. Set up requires only a couple of screws and can be completed in just 15 minutes. Similar products require you to replace your door’s entire locking hardware, while the August Smart Lock allows your original deadbolt remain in place.

The lock has a sleek, modern design that fits on most doors, and you can choose between four colors: black, white, gold, and red.

Product Features

A key feature of the lock is that it syncs directly with the August Smart Lock app. The app gives you the ability to set up keyless entry into your home from within 100 feet, auto-unlock when you or an approved person approaches your door, or automatically lock your door behind you when you leave.

Another prominent feature is the August Lock’s ability to distribute virtual keys to your friends and family. You simply send an invite to their smartphone to download the app, which will then supply them with access to your home. You can set a time period for their access for up to 24 hours. The app pulls acquaintances directly from your phone’s contact list.

With the August Connect you also have the ability to buzz guests in when you’re away from home and receive notifications when someone enters your house. The smart lock also keeps a log of who comes and goes.

A downside to this feature, however, is that users have expressed distrust in the lock’s ability to recognize when someone is approaching the door and its ability to lock behind you as you leave. There have been reports of the lock not functioning properly. It also only works on the deadbolt at this time.

How does it compare?

At $250, the August Smart Lock is on the more expensive side of the market. However, it shows signs of being more resistant against forced entry than some of its competitors. The installation and maintenance also ranks above other smart locks, such as the Kwikset Kevo or Lockitron. August even secured $38 million in Series B funding earlier this year and has plans to build upon the existing design to help it further connect to your home.

However, because company focused on compatibility with devices operating on the iOS platform rather than Android, Apple users will find the smart lock easier to use. The August Connect does include features that make the lock more user-friendly, but the initial product doesn’t pair well with Android phones.

Overall, the August Smart Lock is a solid choice to help supplement your security system. Although it has its weaknesses, it can add an extra layer of protection that your family needs. Before committing to trusting any smart lock fully, though, be sure to continue to lock your doorknob until you’ve tested your new product long enough to be confident that it works.

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