#AutomateThis: Meet Arlo, The First Fully Wireless Smart Security Camera

Written by | Updated September 22, 2015


NETGEAR is entering the world of home security in a big way — with the introduction of the first fully wireless security camera they call Arlo. The camera produces HD quality video and comes with a wide array of features to help keep your home safe.

A Fully Wireless System

Arlo operates on Wi-Fi, meaning the camera is 100 percent wire free. It’s meant to provide the reliability of comparable security cameras without the mess of installation. Its waterproof and battery operated, which allows you to set it up anywhere inside or outside your house without having to worry about power outlets.

The camera connects to a free app on iOS and Android devices so you can access it wherever you go.

It’s Loaded with Features

The Arlo Smart Home Security Camera comes with a wealth of features, including night vision, 720p HD quality images, and a 130-degree field of view. It also comes equipped with motion sensors that can be set to instantly send alerts to your app or email when it detects movement on your property.

Arlo’s batteries reportedly last for up to six months, thanks to ultra-low power consumption. The camera comes with a double-shelled case in order to protect it against the elements and animals.

The basic Arlo Smart Home Security Camera Kit retails online for $199.99 and comes with one HD camera, a base station with power adapter, two camera mounts, and seven days of up to one gigabyte worth of free cloud video storage. You also have the choice of purchasing alternate packages with up to four cameras for added security around your home.

Those in need of additional storage can upgrade from the basic subscription plan to a Premier or Elite plan, with 10 GB or 100 GB of storage respectively.

The Camera Works Everywhere

There are multiple uses for the NETGEAR security camera. Foremost among them is, obviously, home security. Arlo can notify you when someone is approaching your front door, help you keep tabs on visitors and hired helpers like repairmen, and can let you check that the kids don’t have the TV on when they’re supposed to be doing homework.

arlo helps you watch your home

The camera can also be used to keep an eye on pets or moonlight as a baby monitor that, because your smartphone acts as a video monitor, you can carry everywhere in the house.

Additionally, Arlo doesn’t just work for homes but for businesses as well. Set it up at your office or in your shop to keep an eye on the building once you’ve gone home. You could even use it to monitor your staff during the day or keep an eye out for incoming deliveries at the back door.

Whichever package you choose, you can always add additional cameras or mounts as needed.

As the first fully wireless security camera on the market, Arlo is certain to make an impact. It’s a strong showing from the NETGEAR security division and its user-friendly design will probably lead to other interesting home security offerings from the company. NETGEAR paid attention to their costumer needs and it seems like they have delivered.

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