#AutomateThis: Neurio Brings Greater Intelligence to Your Smart Home

Written by | Updated August 25, 2015

Neurio installs in your circut breaker to learn your energy usage habits

Whether you’re concerned about energy conservation for greener living or you simply want to reduce your electric bills, a new home monitoring product called Neurio may be a good solution.

How Neurio Works

Installing the Neurio sensor in your home’s circuit breaker panel takes less than 15 minutes. If you’re not handy, you can hire an electrician for installation, but it’s not required. The sensor works in both homes and apartments, as it’s compatible with 120/208V systems as well as the more common 120/240VAC electrical system.

Once installed, Neurio measures both your differential voltage and current signals. It then uses your home’s Wi-Fi network to send this data to the cloud, where powerful, patent-pending algorithms identify your home’s appliances based on their energy use patterns. Once the device has identified the appliances in your home, it uses that information to offer real-time feedback through the Neurio app, which is compatible with both Android and iOS. This makes it easy to find out which appliances use the most energy, how much energy your cable box or computer consumes when you leave it in sleep mode, and even how much each appliance costs to run every month.

Currently, the Neurio app detects a limited number of large appliances, and may have some difficulty distinguishing between appliances with similar power signatures. Appliance detection isn’t entirely automatic. You may have “train” Neurio to detect the signatures of appliances with multiple settings, such as a stove or clothes dryer. As more people use the sensor and add data to the Neurio cloud, the algorithms will continue “learning” and producing better results.

Neurio app tells you hoe much you spend powering different devices

Neurio Puts the Power in Your Hands

Unlike smart meters, which are often issued by the power company to monitor your home’s energy use, or services like Asoka, which requires professional monitoring and multiple plug-in devices to track your home’s energy use, Neurio puts the information about energy use directly in your hands. The device can store up to one year of data in the cloud, so you can go back and view your seasonal energy patterns. If you have solar panels, Neurio can also track the amount of power your panels are producing versus the amount of power your home is consuming. This can help you achieve those “net-zero” electric bills solar users strive for.

Neurio gives you graphs of your homes energy usage

Future Upgrades Give You More Control

Of course, the Neurio app can do more than help you save money on your electric bills. Neurio allows you to track energy consumption on an appliance by appliance basis without having to put a sensor on every device. Future upgrades can take this information and use it to offer more user-targeted features. For instance, Neurio could send an alert if your laundry is done, your refrigerator isn’t working, or the video game system in your child’s room has been turned on. Future Neurio upgrades could even sense your location based on your actions, rather than using RFID or iBeacons.

Connect with Other Neurio Users

Neurio is designed to help you create a more energy-conscious lifestyle. With this in mind, the Neurio community provides a forum where you can get your most important technical questions answered, read user success stories, and find clever ways to use the data Neurio provides to live a more energy-conscious life.

Neurio for a Connected Home

Neurio helps you control your home

Neurio is not a home automation device. You can use the app and device to track the energy consumption of your home’s systems and appliances, but you can’t interact with the devices remotely using Neurio. However, when you combine Neurio with a home alarm and other smart devices, you can enjoy the benefits of a fully connected home in which you can monitor, control, and track your home’s safety, environment, and comfort.


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