Enhancing Your Home Security with BeON Light Bulbs

Written by | Updated March 14, 2019


In today’s age of home technology and smart home automation, you can take your security a step further than having your lights on timers. BeON Smart Bulbs learn your family’s lighting behavior so they can mimic your daily and weekly patterns even when you’re on vacation.

Many high-end home automation systems today can “learn” your lifestyle in this way. But BeON offers a host of other security and safety features that make the light bulbs/security system truly unique.

Kickstarting a New Way to Protect Your Home

In December 2014, BeON successfully ended its Kickstarter project with more than $100,000 from 424 backers to produce these smart bulbs. Designed as a security deterrent, not an alarm system, the bulbs fit easily into your lifestyle and can be used with a monitored home alarm system and other home automation products as one element of a smart home.

Easy To Use, Easy to Install

It doesn’t get easier to “install” these bulbs – each BeON “system” is a stand-alone, screw-in LED lightbulb. If you can change a lightbulb, you can install your BeON system. Just screw it into a light socket and it offers 800 lumens of soft white light, with 75 percent more energy efficiency than a 60W incandescent bulb. The bulbs come in two styles to fit regular or recessed light sockets. You can take them with you when you move – no wires or contracts keep you tied down.


Remote Access

Users can access BeON bulbs through an app for remote control or configuration. BeON bulbs also work with existing light switches, meaning there is no learning curve when you start to use BeON. The system blends with your life as it is now and you can continue to interact with your home in familiar ways. Each bulb contains a mini-computer processor, Bluetooth connectivity, a microphone, and a rechargeable battery, all leading to a host of capabilities.

Look Like You’re Home

BeON goes beyond lighting timers to learn your family’s behavior and turn on lights to make it look like you’re home, even when you’re not. The microphone in each bulb also detects if the doorbell rings and turns on lights in sequence to make it look like someone’s home.


Light a Path to Safety

If the bulb’s microphone picks up a fire alarm, smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, or burglar alarm sounding in your house, they turn on to full power automatically, lighting a path so you and your loved ones can leave your home safely. And you won’t be left in the dark in the event of an emergency, as BeON bulbs feature a battery backup that allows them to work even during a power outage.

Limited Connectivity

The bulbs in your BeON system can “talk” to each other to trigger behavior so that lights can turn on in sequence. If the bulb in your kitchen, for instance, “hears” a fire alarm, it instantaneously sends a message to the bulbs in the bedrooms to turn on. This helps alert anyone in other rooms of a possible emergency.

It is important to note that BeON is not a full security or home automation system. The bulbs can’t trigger your cell phone to call the police or fire department, for instance. They can’t contact your alarm company or sound an alarm if there is a break-in. And if you’re looking for home automation to control your TV or sound system, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Security Concerns

Skeptics might wonder about a home security system that includes microphones and collects data about your family’s lighting habits. But BeON stores your data right inside the bulb, keeping it off the cloud. The bulbs use a secure Bluetooth mesh network to communicate with each other, which means they aren’t on your home network, either.


BeON’s current offer includes three bulbs, each with its own smart module included, for $249. You may be thinking that $250 is a lot for three lightbulbs, but when you consider the value you get for that amount, it’s a pretty reasonable price.

Helping Your Home be Safer and Smarter

BeON provides a number of features that can be helpful for families concerned about safety and convenience – most notably, the battery backup which keeps lights on when power goes out, and the way the lights turn on in an emergency. Best used with your home’s monitored security system and other automation devices, BeON bulbs are a good addition to your home if you’re looking to automate your lighting.

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