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Written by | Updated March 12, 2013

Home security ads have come a long way. Just four years ago Broadview Security had a series of television ads featuring young, vulnerable women who were home alone during a break in. The ads were criticized and ridiculed for using over-the-top scare tactics and depictions of helpless young women. Here’s a good example:

Contrasted with the scare tactics of yesteryear, home security companies are getting better and better at advertising. Here are some examples of our favorite home security ads that ditch the scare tactics in favor of showcasing what home security systems can do nowadays.

ADT Pulse

This new ADT Pulse ad is a good contrast with Broadview’s poor taste. The ADT ad shows both women and men taking control of their home and lives through the home automation platform ADT Pulse. The ad emphasizes the power and control that Pulse can give you to save money, remotely manage your electricity, and arm your system from anywhere , instead of making it seem like you’re a victim waiting to happen.

Vivint Home Automation

Vivint has a series of great advertisements showcasing their home automation technology with humor and style. Vivint’s ads trend toward light-hearted situations that show off the features and benefits of being able to control your home’s lighting, locks, and more.


Scout is an upcoming home security company, born out of crowdfunding. This Scout ad doesn’t take itself (or home security in general) too seriously. It makes fun of home security salesmen and clunky equipment, and it makes home security seem cool and exciting with a snarky spokesperson and sleek equipment.

Thank goodness home security advertising has made large strides in the last few years. We hope to see more great advertisements, clear messages, and responsible communication. It is important to be clear about your home security and, here at SafeWise, we recommend having as much knowledge about the providers as you can. To learn more about them and the products they offer, check out these profiles of five security system providers.

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