Beyond CES: ADT’s Transformative Innovations

Written by | Updated March 20, 2014

ADT’s presence at CES 2014 highlighted a year’s worth of innovative additions and expansions to the company’s core home security and automation technology. Perhaps the most striking difference between ADT and fellow CES exhibitors was in the approach to product line diversification.

ADT continues to pursue a more integrated and coherent expansion, developing and optimizing the organic connections between home security and our increasingly comprehensive digital lifestyle. Here are some of the great things ADT is up to.

ADT Pulse®

At last year’s CES, ADT showed off its answer to AppleTV and other Smart TV trends with an ADT Pulse interface for Samsung televisions. This year’s developments have shown how much farther ADT Pulse is going.

  • Think of the ADT Pulse™ Wireless Platform as ADT’s iPad, a sleek and intuitive touchscreen that frees users from the limitations of traditional wired technology. Even if the only benefit was eliminating the need to cut into walls to install the control panel, the Wireless Platform would be enough to help eliminate one of the biggest homeowner concerns. However, the seamless integration with ADT Pulse means this wireless control embraces all existing home automation possibilities as well as any future expansions.
  • The ADT Pulse™ Voice App provides the hands-free missing link between the classic push-button control paradigm and true intuitive convenience. The open-ended flexibility of ADT Pulse means you can not only use voice commands to arm and disarm your security system, but also to control any of the increasingly comprehensive elements of your automated home — everything from lights to door locks, heating and cooling systems, and individual home appliances.
  • ADT’s Canopy™ App (iOS and Android) lets you create a virtual circle of family members and friends, with special attention to their whereabouts.  There’s so much room for flexibility that you can expect any number of creative uses of Canopy as users incorporate it into their daily lives. But the integrated ADT Chaperone feature goes beyond simple “check-in” apps to add ADT monitoring to the circle — so no matter where you are, you have a 24/7 hotline for rapid emergency response to your precise location.
  • Of course, you shouldn’t be using your mobile device while driving. ADT and Ford Motor Company teamed up to integrate the ADT Pulse app with the Ford SYNC® AppLink. Using the innovative voice control technology as ADT’s mobile Voice App, this gives hands-free control of home security and home automation functions to drivers of Mustangs, Explorers, F-150s or any other of Ford’s 1.5 million SYNC AppLink-equipped vehicles. With one touch of the steering wheel-mounted SYNC button, you get remote hands-free voice control of basic system functions (arming, disarming and checking system status) as well as extended automation functions, such as adjusting thermostats and lighting, or operating any doors in the system, including your garage door.
  • If you don’t happen to have a new Ford, you might be able to open and close your garage door with your iOS device from your driveway with a third-party app, a hardware IR blaster, and a fair amount of luck in finding the right IR codes. Or you could simply use the ADT Pulse™ Remote Garage Door Control, which runs natively from your iOS or Android ADT Pulse app. No bulky IR device attachments required, and you can do it from anywhere — your driveway, your workplace or on a trip to the other side of the planet. The Remote Garage Door Control doesn’t simply replace a lost garage door opener or reduce the number of devices you need; it adds new possibilities, such as opening your garage for deliveries and visitors while you’re away from home.

Virtual Security

With ADT Chaperone and integration with the SYNC AppLink, ADT is clearly recognizing that security needs aren’t confined to the home. At some point in the past decade, virtual assets began to be just as valuable as tangible kind, and cyber security became at least as much of a priority as home security. That’s why ADT is partnering with cyber security leader McAfee to integrate ADT Pulse with McAfee LiveSafe, developing a single central platform and comprehensive security packages to help safeguard both real and digital assets. This development is necessary to add an extra layer of protection for users who are accessing ADT Pulse through remote computers and mobile devices. It also provides intuitive centralization and the assurance of ADT and McAfee quality for users who are concerned about using a multitude of services for data and identity protection.

By exploring the potential of home automation and mobile interactivity, ADT is not simply appealing to the futurists and gadget-lovers of the app era, but addressing the current needs and lifestyle of the average user who expects and embraces mobile integration of as many aspects of their life as possible. ADT has an already mature system of integrated diverse automation, and is using its research and design to overcome the speed bumps and learning curves in the borderland between daily life and cutting-edge possibilities.

Image: Nadbasher, flickr

Written by Hillary Johnston

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