Boston University Releases Bike Safety Music Video

Written by | Updated October 15, 2013

Biking is a smart way to commute while helping the environment and thousands of people do it every day.

Bikers are constantly competing with cars and have to be more cautious on the road in order to stay safe. Boston University released a video called “Put Your Helmet On,” to educate bikers on bike safety.

This is no ordinary video. It features some pretty sweet puppets riding bikes through the streets of Boston rapping about staying safe while “riding, riding, riding.”

BU Today gives some helpful tips along with the video, including wear a helmet, be seen, obey the rules of the road and practice defensive biking.

“So put your helmet on” and check out Boston University’s bike safety rap.

Written by Jenna Black

Jenna is an activist in her community and a lover of all things tech, especially smart home technology. Learn more

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