Burglary Suspect Caught on a Pink Bike

Written by | Updated October 15, 2013

A burglary suspect was caught last Thursday in Delray Beach, FL attempting to make a getaway while riding a pink bike and carrying a purple handbag.

Deondre Jackson, 18, is accused of robbing a home and taking off on his bike after stealing the handbag. Police spotted Jackson making a getaway and tried to stop him. The suspect noticed police and took off at a “high rate of speed,” “The Sun Sentinel” reports. Jackson then flipped his bike over a curb, got up and attempted to run away.

Police found a set of brass knuckles, a screwdriver, and a pocketknife in Jackson’s possession. Inside the handbag were two iPads, a Grand Theft Auto game, and a rosary.

Jackson now faces multiple charges and was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail following the incident.

Written by Jenna Black

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