Cable Companies Joining the Home Security Ranks

Written by | Updated August 1, 2014

For many years, the home security system business has belonged to a few top companies, but now there are some new providers entering the space, one of which may be your cable service provider. Cable companies boast the advantage of being able to run a home security system in conjunction with a network that is already set up and functioning. The technology, field technicians, and truck fleets are already in place so adding another component, such as cable home security, is an easy choice.

Technology, such as smartphones and tablets, also helps security improve. Some of the great features cable providers are offering their security customers include:

  • Remote access: Control the system away from home with any device connected to the web.
  • Text alerts: Customers set up notifications to let them know immediately when a sensor is triggered or any other problem at home.
  • Secure video monitoring: Use your smartphone or computer to log in and see live camera feed, so you can monitor what’s going on while you’re away.
  • Home Automation: Enjoy added convenience like being able to turn lights and thermostats on and off remotely.

While the big home security companies offer many of these same features, some cable companies are adding in additional equipment to packages to sweeten the deal. Some cable home security packages can also include lamp adapters, and thermostats that could cost you hundreds of dollars if purchased separately.

Perhaps the biggest reason cable companies are getting into the home security game is the revenue. For Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Cable, or any of the other major cable companies, home security is an additional source of revenue. Industry estimates suggest home security subscribers will stay with their current provider for seven or eight years. Cable subscribers, on the other hand, tend to be more fickle and will leave their provider for a cheaper package or for satellite. The longer a cable company can keep a customer, the more revenue that is generated.

Cable home security can also be bundled with other products, like digital cable, digital phone service, and high-speed Internet. Customers tend to enjoy the convenience of paying one easy bill each month, instead of worrying about multiple bills. Often times, bundling saves customers money on their bill as well, so this is an ideal situation.

Would you consider using home security from your cable provider?

Written by Hillary Johnston

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