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Top medical alert brands

Bay Alarm Medical has emergency devices for your home, your car, and on the go. Help is never far away with this system.
Bay Alarm Medical Review

getsafe logo

GetSafe offers a flat professional monitoring rate. Whether you want the basics or the works, you get an affordable price.
Get Safe Review

Aloe Care Health

Aloe Care Health combines the tried-and-true approach of medical alert buttons with high-tech sensors and smart technology. 
Aloe Care Review

Medical Guardian logo

Whether you’re water-surfing or channel-surfing, Medical Guardian has a medical alert system for all lifestyles.
Medical Guardian Review

MobileHelp bundles systems to give you a bit of everything for an affordable price. Learn more about its flexible pricing in our review.
MobileHelp Review

Philips Lifeline logo

This high-end medical alert system has a GPS device with fall detection built in, making it a great fit for active seniors on the go.
Philips Lifeline Review

Aging in place

More people are choosing to stay home through their golden years. But it takes some preparation and planning to do it safely. Check out our resources on making your home smarter and safer for your aging loved ones.

hugging senior couple
How to Choose a Medical Alert System
There are a lot of medical alert companies out there, each with a variety of...
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Room-by-Room Guide to Senior Home Safety
Maintaining independence is important to all adults, but living alone as a senior can become...

More on medical alert systems

Medical alert systems are wearable devices that make it easy for older adults to call for help in case of an injury or accident. We’ve collected our favorite systems based on affordability and features to find the best match for you. 

Safety accessories for seniors

These safety accessories give seniors more independence to do what they love. We’ve gathered stylish wearables that track health stats and heart rate monitors that keep your ticker in check.  

Best Smartwatches and Wearables for Seniors
We've checked out some of the newest products available—along with some tried-and-true favorites—to find the...
GPS Trackers for People with Dementia
GPS tracking can help caregivers watch loved ones with dementia and prevent wandering. We reviewed...
Best Safety Devices for Seniors
We’ve researched the best products to make aging in the home safer and easier for...
senior couple hiking
Best Fitness Tracker for Seniors
Watching your heart is the first step to watching your health. Check out our top...
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2023 Best Blood Pressure Monitors Buyers Guide
We researched and compared the best blood pressure monitors to help you make an informed...
Senior woman organizing pill box
5 Best Medication Tracking Devices
Forgetting to keep up on scheduled prescriptions can have dangerous repercussions. Here are our top...

Senior Safety FAQ

As your parents age, it can be difficult to know how to keep them safe. We answer the most frequently asked senior safety questions to help!


Explore all senior safety

These fuss-free cell phones keep you in touch with loved ones without missing out on...
The Tranquil Watch looks like a classic analog watch but connects with a Bluetooth alarm...
We evaluated more than 75 medical alert systems to bring you the best ones with...
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