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  1. How Nest Can Turn Your House into a Smart Home

    If you’ve heard of home automation, you’ve probably also heard of Nest….

    SafeWise Recommends By Rebecca Edwards on

  2. The 7 Best Remote Control Electrical Outlets

    If you want a smart home without the steep price tag, remote…

    SafeWise Recommends By Melissa Darcey on

  3. 10 Tips for Puppy Proofing Your Home, Inside and Out

    A new puppy is a great adventure. From the tip of its…

    SafeWise Recommends By Alyssa Baker on

  4. How to Pick the Safest Types of Toys for Your Pet

    Toys and playtime aren’t just a bonus for your pets—they need fun…

    SafeWise Recommends By Rebecca Edwards on

  5. Your Guide to the 5 Best GPS Vehicle Trackers

    As a driver, you face many dangers on the road. GPS vehicle…

    SafeWise Recommends By Amelia Nielson-Stowell on

  6. How to Increase Home Safety with These Top Radon Detectors

    Though radon gas occurs naturally in the world, it poses risks when…

    SafeWise Recommends By Hillary Johnston on

  7. The 15 Best GPS Kids Trackers for Parents with Young Kids

    Boy with smart watch on a terrace

    Our Top 5 Recommendations! AngelSense – Check Price hereO GPS – Check Price…

    SafeWise Recommends By Olga Papadimitriou on

  8. Top 6 GPS Pet Collars of 2017

    Austin River Adventure With Dog

    You love your pets and your pets love you, but sometimes the…

    SafeWise Recommends By Caroline Maurer on

  9. The Best Security Doors to Make Your Home Safer

    Home intruders are brazen. At least 34% of them enter through a…

    SafeWise Recommends By Amelia Nielson-Stowell on

  10. The Best Products to Keep Your Property Safe in the Snow and Ice

    In many parts of the United States, the winter season means snow…

    SafeWise Recommends By Emily Long on