Celebrate National Cyber Security Awareness Month and Make the Web a Safer Place

Written by | Updated October 16, 2013

This month marks the tenth anniversary of National Cyber Security Awareness Month. All month long, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is highlighting a different element of cyber security with all information tying together into one theme: maintaining a safer cyberspace.

We dive into the world of cyberspace everyday while online shopping, banking, posting photos on Facebook and surfing the web. We often forget how unsecure these activities can be. The Department of Homeland Security reports that they are “committed to raising cybersecurity awareness across the nation and to working across all levels of government, the private sector, and internationally to protect against and respond to cyber incidents.”

Many other organizations are taking part in the effort to make the world online a safer place. Staysafeonline.org is promoting the initiative by providing buttons, posters, social media icons, templates and web banners to help you spread awareness. They also have information and tools to learn more and get even more involved.

How do you make sure your time online is safe?

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Written by Jenna Black

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