Ineffective Burglar Deterrents You Should Stop Using

Written by | Updated June 6, 2019

Burglars aren’t as dumb as many would probably like to believe and some of our security measures often fall short. There are good and bad ways to try and deter burglars from your home. If you’re using any of these common ineffective deterrents, you might want to reconsider.

Hiding Belongings in the Bedroom

THe master bedroom is the first place burglars look for valuables
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The master bedroom is the first place burglars look for valuable items, so that means it’s probably the last place you want to hide your valuables. Instead, find creative and sneaky places to stash your goods where the burglar might not consider looking for them. Places like kitchen cabinets, the kids’ toy room, and behind fake air vents are great alternatives.

Getting a Big Guard Dog

Dogs are not good burglar deterrents
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Fido works best as part of the family, not as a deterrent for would-be thieves. Big dogs might look intimidating, but they’re less likely to bark at strangers than their yappy smaller brothers. Using a guard dog for protection puts it in danger of being attacked or injured and the last thing you want is for your dog to end up at the vet over something replaceable, like a TV. Paying for surgery to heal your dog could end up costing more than the price of your stolen goods.

Leaving Lights On While You’re Gone

Leaving lights on while away won't always fool burglars

Burglars often scope out targets for days at a time, so this trick likely isn’t fooling anyone. It’s possible seeing bright lights on at all hours of the night will have the opposite effect and show burglars no one is there to turn them off. Instead, look into the array of smart light switches on the market that’ll turn your lights on and off at predetermined times. This might be more likely to throw off a thief.

Stopping Mail Delivery

Ask a neighbor to get your mail while you're away. Stopping it may signal that you're away

With the amount of junk mail and advertisements sent out via snail mail, it seems rare for anyone to go for days without receiving mail. Stopping your mail delivery while away could seem fishy to burglars. You’re better off asking a neighbor or friend to stop by while you’re gone to pick up your mail for safekeeping.

DIY Technology

Technology has improved to the point where you can access your security cameras from anywhere on the road. The problem is, you might not always have time to do so. Signing up for a monitoring service, in tandem with a home automation security system, can help give you added security and help have someone watching over your home around the clock. A monitoring service can help give the police a greater chance of stopping a burglary in process than attempting to monitor your home on your own.

Fake Home Security Signs

Fake security signs are not always effective
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Home security signs from security companies can help prevent burglaries by letting potential thieves know you’re protected. Fake signs only give a false sense of security to owners. That’s because smart thieves could simply Google the name of the security company on your sign and find out it’s not real

You invest a lot of time and money into your home, so it’s important to do everything you can to help avoid being the victim of a burglary. And that means you need to be smart about the burglar deterrents you use in your home. For more information about how a monitored home security system can help you keep your home protected, give us a call today.

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