Creative Places to Hide Expensive Tech from Burglars

Written by | Updated March 31, 2015

Burglars often go after the most valuable items in your home and try to spend as little time as possible while doing it. A house full of expensive tech in plain view will make an appealing target for would-be thieves. If you’re unsure of what to do with your tech while away from home, we’ve got some ideas of where you should hide them that don’t involve your sock drawer.

Someplace Difficult to Break Into

A burglar spends less than 10 minutes in a home grabbing whatever looks valuable. You should try to place your tech someplace they’ll have a hard time getting to it. A safe with a difficult passcode and lock is ideal for small items like tablets, eReaders, or phones. You can even have a safe built into your floor and covered with a rug. If that’s not an option, a heavy, portable safe hidden in a high area, like a closet shelf, might do the trick. Choose someplace that’ll make it time consuming for the thief to access it to help deter them from taking it.

Inside Your Pots and Pans

Some people place expensive items in their oven but forget they’re there. That’s led to some melted laptops and other goods, but if you’re smart about it, you can use the kitchen to hide your valuables when you’re away. Small devices like iPods, tablets, or a GPS fit nicely into a pot. Place the lid on top and stick it back your cabinet or under the oven and you’re good to go. Just remember to make a note on your phone of where you left it and get it out when you’re home.

Design Sneaky Furniture

Hollowed out furniture can help protect your belongings. There are couches, chairs, and beds on the market that contain secret compartments for you to place items in for safe keeping. The benefit of these lies in their ability to hold large items like computers and TVs.

Purchase Hideaway Entertainment Centers

Your entertainment center can secretly contain your electronic devices. Many come equipped with doors on them with compartments to hold your DVD and Blu-ray players, along with gaming systems like the PlayStation 4. Some entertainment centers even have a door to cover your TV too. You simply shut them when not in use and no one can see them from the outside.

These work best if you purchase an entertainment center with locking doors or add your own locks. Burglars might assume your electronic equipment is already in the entertainment center, so placing as much buffer as possible in the form of locks between them and your equipment is ideal.

Get Artistic

One method to hiding goods is creating secret compartments using artwork. Create a nook in your wall to hold your television that can be covered with a piece of artwork when not in use. There are also photo frames you can buy or make that open in the back to reveal a small compartment for your smaller electronic tech devices like a modem.

It’s not artwork, but another alternative to a photo frame is to buy a faux air vent vault to throw off potential burglars. They’re large enough to fit your family’s iPods, smart watches, or other small tech inside.

Utilize Camouflage

Sometimes the best way to hide something is to trick the eye into believing it’s not there. For instance, small laptops can be placed in a stack of magazines or on a bookshelf. During the holidays you can surround your tech with decorations and make them part of the landscape or cover them in tapestries. Using vibrant colors, or colors similar to your device, will help take the spotlight off whatever you’re trying to hide.

Add Them to Your Kid’s Toy Collection

Burglars aren’t known for their interest in stuffed bears and Barbie dolls. If your child has a toy chest, consider placing your tech in there, buried beneath the layers of Legos and Disney princesses, where they’ll go unnoticed. You can also get a stuffed bear, cut a small opening in the bottom or back for your small tech, and sew it up for safekeeping. These spots might not work when your children are home, so it’s best to use them when the kids are with you on vacation and can’t accidentally break the tech you’re hiding.

No solution is foolproof. Your best line of defense is securing your home with a home security system to ensure a thief never even makes it inside. SafeWise can help you find a system that fits your home and your family.

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