Crowdfunded App, Piper, Acquired by Seasoned Home Security Company iControl

Written by | Updated April 9, 2014

Today iControl, a company that specializes in interactive home security and energy management, announced the acquisition of BlacSumac, the company that created Piper. When we first found Piper back in the days of its IndieGogo campaign, we knew it would do big things. Apparently, we were not the only ones to realize how valuable Piper is.

Piper is a Wi-Fi-enabled-all-in-one Home Awareness and automation device. iControl knows that Piper will help the company as they are “advancing [their] connected home management platforms for service providers and growing [their] connected life ecosystem via the iControl OpenHome™ Partner Program.” The acquisition of Piper will not only be beneficial for current endeavors, but iControl is also excited about the ability to “expand into new, untapped markets that will bring [them] one step closer to [their] vision of a home management solution for every household.”

iControl has a variety of home platform solutions that will be complemented by Piper. iControl Converge™, iControl Touchstone™, and iControl Connect™, will all be able to utilize the technology that Piper will bring to the table.

iControl will use Piper not only for home management but also for home security. SafeWise is excited to see how Piper can help iControl develop even better solutions for home management and home security. Keep an eye on iControl, we sense that big things will come from them in the near future!

Image: Courtesy of iControl Facebook page.

Written by Rachel Drake

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