Cyberhood Watch Programs: Staying Safe While Surfing the Web

Written by | Updated September 4, 2013

Nearly 73% of Americans have encountered some form of computer crime or attempted crime on the web. Cyberhood watch programs provide tools and resources to understand, manage, and protect Internet users.

With cyberhood watch programs, anyone can use the Internet without fear of being a victim. The digital age has opened up a pipeline of new threats and dangers to individuals, families, and businesses.

What do cyberhood watch programs do?

Cyberhood watch programs provide protection against cyber-crimes with access to personalized computer security services. With cyberhood watch programs, users have access to the latest information about critical cyber topics including hacking or digital trespassing. Hackers infiltrate online networks to illegally download confidential information, manipulate functions, and in some cases steal identities

Cyberhood watch programs can monitor the amount of personal information exposed which can lead to fraud. They also provide users with identity monitoring alerts and trained professionals to help assist users if an identity theft occurs.

Who needs online protection?

Children and teenagers are not the only victims to predators on the web. Many adults are falling prey to identity theft. This is when an imposter obtains key pieces of personal information in order to impersonate someone else. According to the FBI, 11.5 million people in the U.S. are victims of identity fraud. Of these people, 64.1% experience misuse of an existing credit card, 35% experience misuse of other existing bank accounts, and 14.2% fall victim to misuse of their personal information.

How can parents use this program to help protect their kids?

Although adults are affected by cybercrimes, children and teenagers are the most vulnerable population of internet users to become targets of cyber predators. Even though the FBI and local law enforcement are focused on protecting children, it’s a parent’s duty to learn new ways to protect their children.

Cyberhood watch programs are a new way to protect children and young teens from life on the Internet. They provide parents with internet safety tips and cyber programs. Parents have access to what their children see and can prevent access from a remote destination.

The Cyberhood Watch Programs are like neighborhood watch programs but for the digital age. They teach parents as well as any online user the following:

      • Staying safe while on the Internet
      • Protecting your privacy
      • Protecting your money in the digital age

Many Cyberhood Watch Programs provide:

      • Real time security
      • Fraud alerts and tips directly sent to your computer
      • Alerts parents about ongoing issues related to social networking, cyber-bullying, cell phone and mobile device applications and much more.

Are you ready to be safe while surfing the web?

Written by Aaron Gunderson

Aaron is a gadget geek, community volunteer, and father of two. He frequently writes about smart home technology and surveillance systems. Learn more

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