Elkhart, Indiana is a Strong and Safe Community

Written by | Updated March 11, 2014

The leaders in Elkhart, Indiana, understand building a strong community takes more than just running a successful city. Elkhart leaders work hard to develop an environment where community members can interact, develop meaningful relationships, and develop personal skills.

Remembering Elkhart’s Roots

Knowing where the community has come from is a great way to help community members feel a tie to Elkhart. The Elkhart County Historical Museum tells the stories of people, places, and events that shaped Elkhart County and made it what it is today.

Residents can learn about their own family history, participate in educational programs, or simply learn about what has made Elkhart the city it is. Admission to the museum is free, making it an accessible community building experience for everyone.

Learning Together

Elkhart offers a variety of community classes. These community classes not only give members of the community the opportunity to grow personally, but also provides the perfect setting for community members to get to know one another.

On the second Monday of every month, Elkhart offers a free Meditation Yoga class. A certified yoga instructor teaches community members how to meditate and walks the class though a yoga progression. Meditating has been linked to a decreased level of stress. These classes have been a hit within Elkhart and always fill up fast. Providing community members the opportunity to interact with others, meet new people, move their bodies, and exercise their mind, has helped develop a healthier and tighter knit community.

If meditation yoga is outside of your comfort zone, or something you simply aren’t interested in, take the time to check out the other community classes Elkhart offers.

Keeping Everyone Safe

To be able to foster these feelings of community and growth, Elkhart officials understand the importance of safety. Residents have to feel safe being a part of the community, participating in community events, and accomplishing day to day tasks around town if the city is going to thrive.

The Elkhart County Sheriff Department has been working hard to keep the city’s roads safe. The Elkhart County Traffic Safety Partnership is a combined effort in which the Elkhart Police Department participates to keep the roads in Elkhart safe. This partnership focuses on aggressive and impaired driving and has already shown impressive results.

Elkhart uses their Facebook page as a way to ensure residents are informed about road conditions and safety measures in the city.

Elkhart values its residents and works hard to make sure they can create meaningful relationships within the community, while always feeling safe.

Written by Hillary Johnston

A proud mother of four, Hillary is passionate about safety education. She holds a degree in Public Health and Disaster Management. Learn more

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