Energizer Raises Safety Awareness with The Battery Controlled Campaign

Written by | Updated November 5, 2013

Energizer has partnered with Safe Kids Worldwide to bring awareness to the danger of a common household device, coin lithium button batteries. Through the campaign, The Battery Controlled, Energizer and Safe Kids Worldwide are providing information on preventing injuries and protecting children.

This little-known risk, the size of a nickel, can be found in many items in your home. According to a video (below) from the campaign, more than 3,500 button battery ingestion cases are reported per year. When a child swallows a battery, it sets up an electrical current through the tissue and causes a hydrolysis reaction. Children experience flu-like symptoms and the esophagus can be burned in as little as two hours.

This safety hazard is one that can easily be avoided. The Safe Kids Worldwide website has some excellent tips to keep batteries away from your children.

Join the cause to spread awareness and prevent injury by sharing the video below, or see how else you can help at thebatterycontrolled.com.

Written by Jenna Black

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