Front Door Safety: How to Handle Unexpected Summer Visitors

Written by | Updated July 24, 2014

We’ve all heard the tale of the three little pigs. Those savvy swine knew not to open their door to someone who was going to harm them. While we don’t have to reply “not by the hair of my chinny, chin, chin,” we should be just as cautious.

Not to mention, summer is knocking at our door, so there is likely to be an increase in door-to-door sales, and the nicer weather allows for more foot traffic. Whether they’re selling magazines or home services, it’s good to be prepared now for how you’ll handle the situation.

It’s Okay to Shut the Door

Watch out for sneaky behavior and that shutting it down is as easy as shutting your door. “Avoid letting them into your home, as a general safety tip. Burglars are known to pose as salesmen to case a house they may be planning to burglarize,” according to a KTVB report. Make sure you lock the door behind you when you close it.

Know Who You’re Buying From

Even if after you’ve heard what they’re selling and you are interested, do not let the person in your home. Get their card and tell them to come back at a different time so you can investigate the company. Don’t give in to any pressure; it’s your home and your choice.

Teach Children and Teens What to Do When Answering the Door

Teach young children to never answer the door without you present. If you are not home, but your teen is, it is important that you have a policy in place as to what they are to do if someone comes to the door. The answer can be as simple as not allowing them to open the door at all. The DC Metropolitan Police Department recommends teaching “children not to open the door until they know the identity of the person knocking. Then teach them to whom they are allowed to open the door to. Just because they know the person at the door does not mean they should open the door to them.”

Prevent Temptations

You may get used to how you see your home at a glance when pulling into the garage after a long day at work. But sometimes it helps to head out and look at your home from a different perspective. The Washoe Sherriff’s office recommends standing “in front of your home to see what is visible from the street. If you can see your valuable items through the front windows, so can potential burglars.”

Remember, it never hurts to error on the side of caution. If you or your child doesn’t feel right about the visitor, simply don’t open your door. Whoever it is can always come back if it’s truly that important.

Written by Hillary Johnston

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